Your New World May Be Challenging

What you know in your heart of hearts is truly right for you, may not be what you want, crave or desire, but it is your path to joy.

Ned Lips – Author

“Everything was gone. She closed her eyes and rubbed them and opened them again. Still, everything was gone. Everything except nature and people, and they were all naked. She was naked and sitting in the grass. The breeze was cool and filled with soft, sweet smells and the gentle songs of the birds that had recently arrived in the Midwest to prepare nests. The sky was deep blue and cloudless. The sun warmed her body. She could feel it.
Then reality broke into her awestruck mind. ‘What the—?’ she said aloud.”

From Reset page 19.

“’I’ve finally done it!’ she whispered. She’d hit him back, and hard. Her smile was small and uncertain but present for the first time in a long time. He’ll think twice about hitting me again, if he even remembers tonight.   

The elation was brief. Now what? The emotion of the moment and the finality it represented rushed through her. No plan. How could I not have a plan?”

From First Steps page 6.

After you’ve made your decision that you matter, that following your dreams is the right path for you, and you’ve made this clear to everyone and battled the Storm that will certainly result, you will awaken to a new reality, one that seems brilliant and wonderful, and it is. Its yours. Its your path to joy. Your new world allows you to follow your passions, to live what you love, to exploit your superpowers and to find joy!

But “dramatically new” can be a shock, even if it is the precise world you want to live within. It will take time to adapt to a world in which you control your life. A world in which you make decisions for YOU, for your own joy, and not because others tell you to or out of fear, anger or guilt. This is a new way of living. It is a LOT of responsibility. You have only you to blame when you fail, and you will fail.

Life will always throw challenges your way, but when you are hell-bent on following your heart of hearts and doing what you know is right for you, you will know that you can conquer anything! It takes Sarah quite a while, numerous challenges and the advice of a very dear friend to realize who she really is in her new world.

My Life

So often the confusion that exists in you rests between what you know you WANT to do and what you know with clarity in your heart is the RIGHT thing for you to do. When this conflict arises, and it happens to me a lot, what you WANT to do often wins the argument. The reality is, it shouldn’t.

Heartbreak, pain, mistakes and a whole mess of other bad outcomes enter your life when you crave, desire, seek after material things that you know, in your heart of hearts, is not your true path. Things come to you when you follow your heart of hearts, the right things. Dumb, selfish, greedy decisions that you knew in your heart were not right for YOU when you did them are the antithesis of joy.

How many times have you found yourself in trouble, looked back on what you did and said, “I totally knew better than to do that, but I f**king did it anyway”?

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