Your Inner Voice, Your Heart of Hearts, Will Never Misguide You.

God, whoever that is to you, wants you to be joyful. God speaks to you through your heart of hearts. Listen.

Ned Lips, Author

“One mission, she told herself, then I’ll help,” driving herself forward.

She crossed raging creeks and outcroppings of growing trees, following the guidance of the spirits as her mother and Asha had taught her. She was tiring. The run was difficult, and as the plants grew, even with the power of the Elephant, it was hard to maintain her pace. She needed help.
“Reach to the spirits for help, Sarah,” came Asha’s voice from within, from somewhere.
Sarah closed her eyes and let go, allowing herself to feel the spirits in nature all around her. Feeling a pull northwest, she opened her eyes and obeyed. Her soul was her guide; she felt connected to this world as though she were a part of all of it, this ravenous return of nature.
For the first time in a long time, she was free of the nightmare that had been her life. This was the sort of reset she and her girls could handle, but her brain fought against her. “Am I really part of this? Did I cause it? Is this still an insane dream? Am I in some weird dimension? Are my girls even here?”

From Reset, Page 27.

Follow the guidance given to you. You will find it inside you. In your soul, your heart of hearts, your spirit. You will doubt yourself. Others will throw doubt at you. This voice, however, is God, however you understand her, guiding you, speaking to you, helping you along your journey. Relax and follow the path She is laying out for you.

My Life

I know this is true. I hear that little voice now all the time. I do what I know is right. I’ve missed events because it was right to do so. I can’t count the number of times I did that and found out later the event was canceled, the person I wanted to hear didn’t show, the event was lame or something like that. It’s always worked out once I began to fully engage in following the guidance of the voice that comes, not from my brain, not from others, but from my soul.

I’ve done things solely because I KNEW it was right to do so. I’ve interacted with people because it was right. I know that sometimes what I know is right for me leads to amazing things in my own life, but sometimes it’s not for me, and perhaps I was simply a piece of the other person’s journey. Happy to be of service. No matter what, it’s always been positive.

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