Your Heart of Hearts Will Never Mislead You.

God, whoever that is to you, wants you to be joyful. God speaks to you through your heart of hearts. Listen.

Ned Lips – Author

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Belief. That is a very difficult issue to understand or deal with. No one knows what the truth of life is. We have experiences. We live and feel and learn. From that, we choose to believe certain things. We may believe in God, though each believer may have a different understanding as to what or who God is. My mother is certain there is no such thing as God, or even a spiritual side to the world. Perhaps she’s right, but I’m pretty sure she isn’t.

So, I know that you will take everything that I say and filter it through your own set of beliefs, and that is fine. You may, as many of us do, simply listen and think to yourself, that kinda makes sense. With all of that in mind, this is what I feel is true, what I believe, whatever that means.

To me, God is not an old man up in the sky somewhere, sitting in a golden throne with angels all around him, watching us and deciding if we’ve been naughty or nice. That makes no sense to me, but I do believe in God. It’s “what” I believe God is that helps me with that.

To me, God is the interconnection of the souls or spiritual energy of all beings. It is the energy that makes us living, breathing entities. Our bodies are just machines that we can even repair with new parts from another body if need be. We, the part of us that makes that machine alive and runs it, are our soul.

Our souls are designed to work in harmony with one another. We have free will to ignore that energy, to ignore that voice, to ignore God, but we are always connected to that energy, to God. We are always connected to one another.

Through that connection, we can love and help one another find joy in this world. We know in our soul, in our metaphorical heart, the path that the is right for us. The path that will help us find joy.

It is not predestined. As time passes and we remain connected and we do what we know is right for us, we will learn, meet people who will guide us, meet others we are to guide, and we will find our way, step by step, to a joyful life.

Follow the guidance given to you. You will find it inside you. In your soul, your heart of hearts, your spirit. You will doubt yourself. Others will throw doubt at you.

This voice in your soul is God, however you understand her, guiding you, speaking to you, helping you along your journey. Relax and follow the path She is laying out for you.

Sarah trusts as she searches for her girls in a world where everything man-made has been removed from the earth. Rest page 27.

“One mission, she told herself, then I’ll help,” driving herself forward.

She crossed raging creeks and outcroppings of growing trees, following the guidance of the spirits as her mother and Asha had taught her. She was tiring. The run was difficult, and as the plants grew, even with the power of the Elephant, it was hard to maintain her pace. She needed help.
“Reach to the spirits for help, Sarah,” came Asha’s voice from within, from somewhere.
Sarah closed her eyes and let go, allowing herself to feel the spirits in nature all around her. Feeling a pull northwest, she opened her eyes and obeyed. Her soul was her guide; she felt connected to this world as though she were a part of all of it, this ravenous return of nature.
For the first time in a long time, she was free of the nightmare that had been her life. This was the sort of reset she and her girls could handle, but her brain fought against her. “Am I really part of this? Did I cause it? Is this still an insane dream? Am I in some weird dimension? Are my girls even here?”

Reset Page 27

It is so difficult to let go of the way our brains see and calculate the world around us. Logic, reason, dogma, culture, rules that others made that govern our lives. I’m not saying that you should throw all of this out, BUT if you come to know in your heart that disobeying or ignoring something from your past is right for you, then I encourage you to do what your heart of hearts tells you.

Sarah sat up. “Well, my love, I can feel you,” she poked his chest, “deep inside me.” He smiled mischievously. “Not there, silly, though that is wonderful. Inside my soul.” She put her hands to her heart. “You’re the only man I’ve ever let in there.”

An old, worrisome sensation crept through her. Fear. She knew it well. “Tom, I’m going to tell you, that scares me. It scares me a lot. My experiences with men have been disastrous, to say the least. To let a man into my soul is a big deal for me. This is all new to me too.

The fear grew inside her, the Storm igniting it. “You can’t trust him! You can’t trust men!” came a voice

Entwined page 41-42

Sarah struggles to believe what she knows in her heart is right for her, to love and totally release herself to Tom as he has to her. Her past, as ours does, gets in her way. It takes strength and confidence to listen to your heart, your soul, as it guides you along your ideal path, but I can tell you from my experience, that it is never wrong.

Whoever and whatever you believe God or your higher power to be, it speaks to you, you can feel it in your soul, and if you follow the path it guides you along and do what it asks of you, no matter how hard it may be, it will lead you to joy.

I know this is true. I hear that little voice now all the time. I do what I know is right. I’ve missed events because it was right to do so. I can’t count the number of times I did that and found out later the event was canceled, the person I wanted to hear didn’t show, the event was lame or something like that. It’s always worked out once I began to fully engage in following the guidance of the voice that comes, not from my brain, not from others, but from my soul.

I’ve done things solely because I KNEW it was right to do so. I’ve interacted with people because it was right. I know that sometimes what I know is right for me leads to amazing things in my own life, but sometimes it’s not for me, and perhaps I was simply a piece of the other person’s journey. Happy to be of service. No matter what, it’s always been positive.

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