You Have Super Powers

“You have super powers. Everyone does. When you understand yours, you will be amazed at the joy you bring into your life!”

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‘I’m going to try something my mother taught me, so don’t get freaked out if it works.’

‘Honey, nothing you do surprises me anymore.’

She knew that pain was the body’s warning system. She knew what was wrong, so she no longer needed the warning. She took a deep breath, settling her inner self as her mother had taught her. Feel the pain and dismiss it. . . . The world around her faded. Deep internal focus. She began to call on all her spirits inside her for help. She stood quietly and focused. She could feel the strength and power build within her. The four spirits swirled with her soul, then became clear to her as if the four animals were right there with her, inside her, part of her.

. . . she was channeling the spirits to give her strength and control. They were with her, part of her and now controlled by her. Holding hands now with Tom, Sarah felt so loved and no longer alone. As the couple stood on the hill at the end of the valley that led to the front gate, word spread through the camp that Sarah was back. The Family came from every direction, gathering in front of the barrier, eyes wide in amazement as they watched her standing strong and powerful, glowing brightly, at the other end of their entrance valley. She released him and his hand and turned to the crowd that had gathered. They hushed. Only the gentle breeze dared make a sound. Sarah stood straight and tall, shoulders back, summoned the power of all her spirits, smiled as brightly as she could and marched herself with only the slightest hint of a limp up to Ms. Watson, who stood at the barrier overlap. She absorbed the love that was showered on her from the spirits of her Family. She let it in, and it empowered her.”

Your strength lies in your heart, in your spirit, in your soul. Your superpowers are found there as well. Your passions stem from the knowledge found in your heart of hearts. This is where God speaks to you, the spirits of all souls, and guides you to overcome adversity, your pains, and sorrows. It is here, inside you, that you will find the path. You will know it because it is the right path, the right path for you. Heal yourself. Love yourself. Own your passions and your superpowers.

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My Life

In the Spring of 2016, I’d lost my job the previous Fall and decided to move home. I figured I would find a job with someone among the many people I knew here. It was not to be. Instead, I knew it was time for me to become an author, to tell stories that help and hopefully inspire. With nothing, no job and living with my mother-in-law, I embarked on a journey that made no sense, except to me and my lovely wife, who was battling her own demons.

We got by, somehow. The money we needed just seemed to appear at precisely the right time. Without a solid job, we somehow qualified for a loan to buy our house. Other things happened as I focused on following my heart, every moment of every day. People entered my life and brought gifts that I needed at precisely the right times. Events occurred that reassured me that I was following the right path.

In December of 2018, I self-published Reset. I was so excited. As the months have passed, the support has been amazing. People have arrived in my life who believe in me, who love my work, who have supported me and who I need to take my dream to the level I envision. So many people I have spoken with, wish they had the power inside themselves to make the decision to follow their passion. I decided, perhaps they need some guidance.

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What’s YOUR superpower? Comment below and share this story to encourage others to find their super power too! 

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