You Have Superpowers!

You have superpowers. Everyone does. When you understand yours, you will be amazed at the joy you bring into your life!

Ned Lips – Author

Hello, and welcome to Resetting Your Life. My video podcast of this Episode 1 can be found at my YouTube Channel, My name is Ned Lips.

I am the author of Reset, a story about Sarah’s journey from hell to hero, from fearful to utterly fearless in a world where everything man-made has been removed from the face of the earth, and First Steps, in which Sarah escapes from her brutal abusive marriage, narrowly getting away with her life and two daughters. My third book, Entwined will be published on November 14, 2019, continues Sarah’s journey to trust and to love as she moves the Family forward in a world dominated by pure nature. Please check out and follow my author page at You can also find them through this website.

So, who cares? Excellent question. Well, I have figured out how you can find your super powers and exploit them to find joy in your life.

I have been around for nearly 60 years, which in and of itself means very little, other than I have not managed to get myself killed. Over those years, and especially over the last 15 or so, I have been studying ways to make my life better. I’d spent, and would continue to spend, my life following the next opportunity that presented itself. “Ned, you’d be good at that.” Or “Ned, would you help me with this.”

And so I had; followed the yellow brick road, which was not my road, but it was a road that others seemed to believe I belonged on. So, ruby slippers in hand, as my feet are much to big for such things, I skipped along, meeting people who had ideas for me, and, of course, running into those who were sure I did not belong on this road, their road, and so, kicked me off.

In 2016, I’d been kicked off my last road and there was no one left to provide a new road for me to follow. So, after years of study into how people become happy, from the business book, Good to Great, the Bible, to Dr. Deepok Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer and the books on the Laws of Attraction, eastern religions, physics and even jazz, a realization came to me. It was one I’d taught my girls for all of their lives, and it goes like this:

“Do what you know in your heart is the right thing to do and you will find harmony with all souls.”

In 2016 I realized it was time for me to follow my own advice, though I thought I had been. I was lying to myself. So many of us to for so long. My philosophy is simple, and based on a series of classes I developed and taught for an employer teaching accountants how to sell themselves and drive business, which, if you’ve met any accountants, is a daunting task in and of itself. It was about rain-making, and it worked.

  1. You can become a world class expert at something. That is your superpower.
  2. The only thing you can become a world class expert in is that about which you are deeply passionate. You simply will not spend the time required to become world class at anything else. It has to be something you read about on the beach on vacation on purpose.
  3. Businesses and people find world class experts for their most mission-critical projects or jobs. They will seek them out and pay them more. Why? They have no other choice.
  4. Once you find your passions and turn those into your superpowers, you will find yourself in demand and will never work another day in your life.

Simple, right? NOT! So, lets take this one step at a time. First, you have to know that you have undiscovered superpowers.

This is a scene from Reset, pages 122 – 123 if you’re following along in your program at home. Sarah used her superpowers to save 8 young people from an angry mob, but she had little control over them and in the end, while she did save them, she got her butt kicked. Her Family came to her aid and saved her. In this scene, Tom, a chiropractor in the old world, is trying to help her feel better, but Sarah explores her own abilities to heal herself. Sarah speaks first.

“I’m going to try something my mother taught me, so don’t get freaked out if it works.”
Tom, “Honey, nothing you do surprises me anymore.”
She knew that pain was the body’s warning system. She knew what was wrong, so she no longer needed the warning. She took a deep breath, settling her inner self as her mother had taught her. Feel the pain and dismiss it.  . . . The world around her faded. Deep internal focus. She began to call on all her spirits inside her for help. She stood quietly and focused. She could feel the strength and power build within her. The four spirits swirled with her soul, then became clear to her as if the four animals were right there with her, inside her, part of her.
. . . she was channeling the spirits to give her strength and control. They were with her, part of her and now controlled by her. Holding hands now with Tom, Sarah felt so loved and no longer alone. As the couple stood on the hill at the end of the valley that led to the front gate, word spread through the camp that Sarah was back. The Family came from every direction, gathering in front of the barrier, eyes wide in amazement as they watched her standing strong and powerful, glowing brightly, at the other end of their entrance valley. She released him and his hand and turned to the crowd that had gathered. They hushed. Only the gentle breeze dared make a sound. Sarah stood straight and tall, shoulders back, summoned the power of all her spirits, smiled as brightly as she could and marched herself with only the slightest hint of a limp up to Ms. Watson, who stood at the barrier overlap. She absorbed the love that was showered on her from the spirits of her Family. She let it in, and it empowered her.”

Reset pages 122 – 123

Sarah becomes stronger by exploring her superpowers. It is with love that she begins to harness them. So, it is with you. Right now, you may not believe you have superpowers, and they are unlikely to be the sort that Sarah has, but you have abilities that no one else has, not in the same way that you do.

We are sure we are ordinary in every way. No one has superpowers. We are overwhelmed with our ordinary lives, with the mundane things we have to do every day, just getting to the weekend, that we seldom focus on ourselves. Who are we really? This lesson helps Sarah to focus on her super powers, her ability to connect into the universe of spirits and bring forth the healing powers of a spirit gifted to her by her guru Asha.

In First Steps, the prequel to the Reset Series, Sarah is trapped in a brutal abusive marriage. She has no money and no family of her own. Her two girls’ only family is Robert’s family. This is a lesson Sarah learns from her guru as she is wallowing in her own self-pity, self-doubt and well, life. This is from First Steps, and can be found at pages 225 – 226.

The teacher stood before the seated group and began, quietly but with a penetrating, spiritual power. “Shanti, or true inner peace, comes when we let go of the material, emotional and personal things that plague our lives, even those things we love in our lives. We tend to hold onto both very tightly, but it is in the letting go that we gain clarity of vision and can see the path we are to take, if only a single first step. It is by bringing true unburdened peace to our lives that we are able to see, to feel, to understand.”

First Steps 225 – 226

Your strength lies in your heart, in your spirit, in your soul. Your superpowers are found there as well. Your passions stem from the knowing found in your heart of hearts. This is where God, however you contemplate that concept, speaks to you, and guides you along your path to find your superpowers and to joy. It is here, inside you, that you will find the path. You will know it because it is the right path, the right path for you. Heal yourself. Love yourself. Own your passions and your superpowers.

My Life

In the spring of 2016, after I’d lost my job and could not find another, I knew it was time for me to become an author, to tell stories that help and hopefully inspire. With nothing—no job and living with my mother-in-law—I embarked on a journey that made no sense, except to me and my lovely wife, who was battling her own demons. We found our paths together. It is good to have allies.

We got by, somehow. The money we needed just seemed to appear at precisely the right time. Without a solid job, we somehow qualified for a loan to buy our house. Other things happened that some might call coincidences and other may call miracles, but which I call the interconnected souls of the universe, as I focused on following my heart, every moment of every day. People entered my life and brought gifts that I needed at precisely the right times. Events occurred that reassured me that I was following the right path.

In December 2018, I self-published Reset. I was so excited. As the months have passed, the support has been amazing. People have arrived in my life who believe in me, who love my work, who have supported me and who I need to take my dream to the level I envision.

So many people I have spoken with wish they had the power inside themselves to make the decision to follow their passion. I decided, perhaps they need some guidance. Resetting your life began as a blog on my website, and has now emerged as this video podcast. In the future I will have guests who’ve reset their lives or who help others reset their lives, find themselves and become superheroes.

My video podcast of this Episode 1 can be found at my YouTube Channel, If you just want the audio, my podcast is found at though, as of the date of this posting, I am just getting this up and running. Follow my Facebook Page at for more information, and find my books on this site or at my Amazon author page at

I hope you enjoy it, subscribe and tell all of your friends. Thank you so much for listening.

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