Why a Heroine?

I’m a man. People have asked me over the years it took me to write Reset, www.nedlips.com, why I chose a female hero and to attempt to write from her perspective.

As my two successful and independent adult daughters grew up, we surrounded them with female role models. But they had few super-heroines to root for. I’m thrilled that Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and Black Widow have begun to change that.

I wanted women in Reset who were strong together, as a group, not just alone. Heroines, both gifted with special powers, and “ordinary” but strong who step out beyond expectations.

Sarah’s life prior to the transition to a world without anything man-made is traumatic. Her parents died in an accident for which she blames herself. She has run from an ex-husband who’d beaten and shot her.  In the process, she dragged her girls from the only family they knew, his family. A bravery she does not give herself credit for.

Laden with guilt, fear, remorse and anger, Sarah must learn to trust again, to feel again, to care again, to teach, lead and be part of a new Family. Finally, she must learn to love again and to harness her strengths to save the Family.

I did a lot of research, employed female editors and enlisted the services of numerous female beta and advanced readers to make sure the story felt authentic to them. I am deeply grateful for the vast amount of suggestions I have received along the way. It was very important to me that Sarah and all of the other characters reflect strength and grace. I’ve been told that it shows up in RESET.

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