Thought Leadership 

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Clients hire experts for their most important work. They will seek them out and pay them more. Therefore you must become an expert. One cannot become a true expert in anything about which one is not deeply passionate. You simply will not be able to sustain the time and dedication required to reach true expertise.  


Once you have found your area of passionate expertise you must prove to your target audience that you are in fact a world class expert. No one believes everything you say about yourself. Therefore you must secure third party validations that you are an expert. These include references, testimonials and perhaps most important, the creation of true thought leading articles and presentations. 


The process is called 10 Steps to Becoming a Rain Maker. The basics are published in my article in Consulting Magazine. 


Why Thought Leadership? 

To be perceived as an expert in your field, you have to be published in the prominent journals your target audience respects and/or those that publish articles authored by the experts your target audience hires currently to do the work you want to do. 

 A proven system for developing ideas, marketing these ideas to editors, crafting the article and getting it published. Co-authoring articles with prominent individuals adds to the value. As a result, professionals:  

  • Receive third-party endorsement as an expert from both the editor and the prominent co-author. 
  • Develop strong bonds with the co-author, which increases the opportunity to secure work from him or her. 
  • Are seen in print with him or her, raising the professional to the co-author’s level in the eyes of others. 
  • When the article is published, both the professional and the prominent co-author send the article to prospects, which means that the co-author is marketing the professional to new potential clients. 
  • Team with the co-author after publication to exploit the article through webinars, seminars and follow up articles. 


While with UHY, Ned helped professionals secure publication of over 50 thought leading articles in prominent journals since September 2007. He has also arranged to have two professionals named members of the Boards of Editors for highly regarded Journals in their fields. Following publication, Ned has helped professionals secure selection to speak at highly regarded seminars and symposiums with other equally prominent experts. 

Some Articles Crafted with Professionals as Authors: “Valuing Physician-Owned Surgery Centers”, accepted by Group Practice Journal, Randy Zarin, Jeff Botvinick and Stuart Miller (For publication in November 2010). “Valuing Private Equity Interests in a Divorce Setting”, accepted by Valuation Strategies, Bruce Richman and Michael Whitty (For publication in January 2011). “Plotting a Steady Course in Venezuela”, The Latin Lawyer, Thomas Fox, Chris Lozier and Luis Sotillo (July 2010). Link protected. “Entire Market Value Rule: Recent Cases on Reasonable Royalty Damages”, IP Litigator and The Licensing Journal (feature article), Russ Emerson, Ron Vollmar and Dr. James Woods (Jan/Feb 2010). Link protected. “The false hope of a “jobless” recovery”, The Deal Magazine, Paul Andrews and Aaron Tam (April 2010). “Clouding Out Global Reality, Can SaaS Systems Work in an International Company?” The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, Hope Haslam (September 2009). “Avoiding Corruption in Mexico,” The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, Jeffrey Harfenist (August 2009). “Using Bankruptcy or Receivership to Uncover Fraud,” Financial Fraud Law Report, Jeffrey Harenist and Paul Andrews (June 2009). “How the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is Changing International Business,” The Chamber, Jeffrey Harfenist and Patrick Hughes (May 2009). “The Silver Lining to Our Economic Crisis,” The Deal Magazine and Reuters UK Journal, Paul Andrews and Aaron Tam, (February 2009). “Rote Reliance Without Common Sense,” Financier Worldwide, Jeffrey Harfenist, Bernard Fay and Joseph Jaffe (February 2009). Access restricted. “Beware the Thieves at the Back Door,” International Business, Issue 18,Jeffrey Harfenist and Frank Rudewicz, January, 2009. “Business Intelligence: Finding the Truth in Emerging Markets,” New York Law Journal, Joseph Jaffe and Jonathan Newcomb, (January 2009). Restricted Access Site. “Gathering Intelligence In Cross-Border M&A,” Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, Frank Rudewicz (December 2008). “As the Move to IFRS Accelerates, Liability Looms for Unprepared U.S. CPAs,” CPA Journal, Carl Jenkins and Steven Wolf (November 2008). “Collecting ESI in International Fraud and Corruption Investigations,” Bureau of National Affairs, Jeffrey Harfenist and Eric Shirk (November 2008). “Fraud and the House of Cards.” Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, Jeffrey Harfenist (November, 2008). “Construction Fraud and Forensic Investigations in International Construction Projects,” Construction Law International, Joseph Jaffe and Joseph Natarelli, (September 2008). “Managing Your International Empire,” Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, Jeffrey Harfenist (September, 2008).   “Looking for the ‘Smoking Gun’, “ WebCPA, Marion Hecht Clay (August 2008). “Attacks From Abroad,” Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, Jeffrey Harfenist (June 2008).   “The Next Subprime Debacle?” The Deal, Paul Andrews and Aaron Tam (May 2008). “Uncovering Foreign Corruption Risk Before it Covers You,” Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, Jeffrey Harfenist and Chris Lozier, (May 2008).   “U.S. Companies Could Be Implicated As China Aggressively Prosecutes Bribe Recipients,” – Part I and Part II, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, Jeffrey Harfenist (October 2007 and November 2007)