There Will Be Setbacks – Learn from Them

Sometimes you will do what you know in your heart is right, and it will not end up as you’d hoped. That happens. It is not always about you but learn from each experience.

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Demi Polston
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You will do what you’re sure is the right thing and nonetheless what results has no benefits to you. This happens all the time. When you are connected to the spirits of all souls, truly connected, the things you do may not be for your benefit. You may be playing a role in someone else’s path. It may be a big role or a very small one.

Sometimes you assure yourself that a desire is really the right thing for you to do, but in the end and all along the way, you knew it was not. So, is there any wonder when it is completed that the result is not beneficial. It will be one of those times when you look back and say, “I knew better, but I talked myself into it.”

You do this, of course, for many reasons. Some are internal – desire, greed, lust, or just “I really just wanted to do that.” That’s all fine, but understand the consequences and learn from them.

Some are external. You’re badgered by a friend, relative or adviser to do something you know better than to do, but for harmony and because it kinda sounds fun, you do it anyway. Often you feel trapped, as though the only options are negative and this is the least bad among them. The answer you know in your heart is right, no matter how logically difficult it may be to your brain, is always the best answer. That being said, you will do things you know are not right because you feel trapped. Again, learn from the consequences and get back on track.

Sarah has reached the end of her bad decisions in her marriage to Robert and decides that she is following her heart moving forward. From First Steps page 140.

“Mom, why’d you stay with him all these years?” Jazz asked.

“That’s easy, honey. For you, for me. I have no family. None. The only family I have, that you two have, is your father’s family. He’s my connection to them. If I lose him, I could lose them, maybe you guys too, and I was afraid. They’re rich. I’m dirt poor. They can hire attorneys. Who’d represent me? It scared me. Still does. But now I’m stronger; we’re stronger.”

First Steps page 140

You’re sure you’ve got this, you’re doing what you know in your heart of hearts is right. Now, as you’ve gone through this process, you’re sure you’ve gained an understanding of your superpowers. You know who you are, but then you run into a situation you are not prepared to handle. You’re knocked back, knocked down. It will happen.

It is usually your own self-doubt, fears and negative emotions creeping back that do you in. You lose control of your confidence. No road is free of pitfalls. It is what you do afterward that will define you. Get up. Brush yourself off. Figure out what happened. Learn from it and become stronger.

Sometimes you are over confident, more powerful than you are ready to handle. Sarah is faced with a mob of addict teens, poisoned by toadstools, attacking her and her Family from their unprotected rear, and she decides not only to address them alone, but releases a power she does not yet understand. Reset page 139.

She felt no fear as the power of her spirits rose within her. Her strength, coordination and grace increased, and a fire roared in her eyes. For this she needed the power of the Storm, and she let it loose. Rage, fury and explosive negative energy, hatred like she’d never felt, poured into her and from her. The onrushers hesitated as she turned on them, stood tall before them and stared them down with daggers of crimson spiritual energy directly from the Storm. She squared her shoulders to them as the boy in back rallied his attack squad.

Reset page 139.

The decision to release the Storm spirit, a powerful unnatural spirit she holds but does not understand, nearly kills her. We have many such metaphorical spirits inside us, mentioned before: greed, desire, lust, ego and many others. We may have superiority over another and fail to wield that power wisely. We may not mean to. We may not understand the repercussions of those actions. The result is often that we pay for those mistakes and we realize in the end that our actions, our unwise use of powers we do not understand will be our downfall.

When she comes to, she meets the love of her life, her soul mate, Tom for the first time. Could it have been easier? Heaven on earth can be a nice reward for losing an uphill battle you know in your heart you have to fight.

So, you will fail. People will hate your work. You will respond, sometimes in the wrong way. It happens. Deal with it. It is part of the growing and learning process.

It takes time to understand your powers, and to develop the right ones into you superpowers. Your superpowers will be only good before they are truly great and then phenomenal. It is just the way it is. You have to become way better than just good to make it.

How many really great college athletes never make it as professionals? Tens of thousands. Why? Because they are good. They may have the potential to be great, but they’ve never refined their superpowers.

Do what you know is right for you. Understand your mistakes when you don’t follow your true path. Take the beating. Meet your Tom on the other side. Live, learn and move forward.

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