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I have been a Science Fiction fan for most of my life. When I read the synopsis of this series, I was expecting a typical dystopian survival story. What I found was SO much more! The main protagonist, Sarah, is an engaging character with whom I felt an immediate bond. The rest of the people populating these books are individuals in their own right, not simply props to move the story along and support the lead actor.
The story is fascinating, going off in directions I never would have expected. There is Science Fiction, yes. There is also theology, spirituality, psychology, adventure, ingenuity, and eroticism. The story so far (I am halfway through Book 3 – Parasite) consists of a fairly linear physical storyline. The action is internal and spiritual. I cannot recommend these books too highly. Do yourself a favour. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, turn off the TV, and get ready to spend some quality with Sarah and her family.

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