Take Charge of Building YOUR World

Envision YOUR joyous life. See it as clearly as you can and as if it exists right now. If you see it you can build it and help will come to you.

Ned Lips – Author

“We can do this, honey. We have to do this. What do we need to do?”
They spoke, and the steps in the process became clearer and the conversation among them more excited. People stared at them. She realized that they were in their element. Even Jazz began to realize they could do this. When they had their plan, Sarah said, “Girls, we’ve been training our entire lives for just this situation. We’re ready.” . . .

Sarah looked around, envisioning the completed compound in her mind. . . .

Sarah’s authority all afternoon came from the clarity with which she understood what to do, how to do it and why.

from Reset pages 35 and 51.

In Reset, Sarah battles through the Storm and finds herself in a world of pure nature, one ideal for her experiences, passions and superpowers. Now she must help others, for whom this new world is a nightmare, mold it into something they can survive within and Sarah and her daughters can thrive in. Sarah sees this new world as it will be, and from that, knows what needs to be done to get it there. Sarah drives their new Family in the creation of an encampment that she envisions in this new world, one that is ideal for her passions and superpowers.

“Where are you looking?”
“Frederick, in Maryland. It’s a nice community, good schools and several houses the girls like in our price range. We need to find something. This house closes in about a month.”
“Wow. I’m sure you’ll miss that house.”
“Probably, but the last several years have been hell, Mal. I think we all need a fresh start. The girls seem to be looking forward to it. So, I’m not sure we’ll miss it. I still can’t go into the study. I went in while the cleaners were here and once to rearrange for the realtor, but since then, the door’s been closed. I have lots of great memories with the girls here, but there are more bad ones with Robert.”

From First Steps – page 181

In First Steps, Sarah must escape the home her children were raised in and create a new world for them in a place far enough away that it would be difficult for her brutal husband, Robert, to find them, but close enough that her girls won’t lose connection to the only family they have, Robert’s family. It is a tenuous situation and one she has only a short period of time to create.

Try to see the world that you know is right for you. Envision it with as much clarity as possible and then begin to design it, craft it, create it, build it the way you see it, following your passions, using your superpowers, creating joy, and it will become real for you. Resources will find you. Help will come. Pay attention. Listen to your heart of hearts and to those who miraculously appear in your life.

But no matter what, STOP building the world others think you should!

My Life

This can be hard. I try not to envision my life out too far because I know the vision in my mind now is flawed and will change. The key is to let the universe of spirits, or God, the broader community of other humans, however you envision your higher power, know what you feel is your path. Where do you want to end up?

Three years ago, I envisioned finishing and publishing my novel Reset. It was an amazing feeling of joy that moment when I held the first copy of Reset in my hands? After that I struggled as to the next vision for my life, but I asked for guidance.

Now I see myself with 3 to 5 books published in the next 8 to 12 months, selling over a 1,000 books per month and speaking throughout the Midwest, at least. I see that as though it exists today. I am working on the things that I feel in my heart will make that happen. People I need to know have popped into my life through myriad unusual connection points.

I can see it, feel it, know it will happen, and the people who I need in my life to make that a reality are coming into it NOW, as though this was already a reality. They believe in me, and there is no apparent reason for them to do so.

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