Take Charge of Building YOUR World

Envision YOUR joyous life. See it as clearly as you can and as if it exists right now. It will come to you.

Ned Lips – Author
Barbara Joyce, Empowerment Lifestyle Coach

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As you search for your future, uncover your deepest passions, begin to see your perfect world. See it in the positive. Your brain, your soul and God, or the universe of spirits, etc work in harmony when you let them, when you’re deeply connected. When your soul knows something is right, your brain begins to see it using all of your senses, its data-gatherers. The universe begins to bring it to you, perhaps in dribs and drabs, but in time.

What they both need is clarity from you, which takes time, but you vision must be in the positive and in the present tense, as though it already exists, now. Your brain and, despite what others tell you, God or the universe of spirits, are quite literal and focused on nouns.

So, if you way, “I don’t want to be fat.” All your brain and God hear is “fat,” so they begin to help you become fat, or fatter, or remain the same level of fat.

“If you say, I want to be skinny.” Your brain and God hear skinny, but some uncertain time in the future, so there is no action because they act in the now and the future never arrives.

So, couch your visions for your future in the positive and as though that situation exists right now, “I am skinny.” And surround yourself with pictures and images depicting how you would like to look. Now your brain will help you see a world that will lead you toward skinniness, and God, however you understand that concept, will lead you to yeses and no’s, guide you along a path if you pay attention and do as told, and provide interventions that will help you become skinny.

Thinking this way, positive and present, is also a great way to feel better about yourself.

This is from Reset, pages 15 – 16.

“We can do this, honey. We have to do this. What do we need to do?” They spoke, and the steps in the process became clearer and the conversation among them more excited. People stared at them. She realized that they were in their element. Even Jazz began to realize they could do this.

When they had their plan, Sarah said, “Girls, we’ve been training our entire lives for just this situation. We’re ready.” They nodded, Janie more fervently than Jazz, but her eldest was now on board.

“Hey, Mom. Can we use our real names?” Jazz asked.

“Of course, sweetheart. We’re safe now.” She paused for a moment at the thought. In this world where everything man-made was gone and everyone else was in a state of complete panic, Sarah, Jazz and Janie were finally safe. She released a long breath, gathered her girls in her arms and smiled with a joy she had not felt in a very long time. We’re safe!

Reset pages 15-16

Our brains remember. Our past is stored in its memory banks. It cannot be erased, only dealt with. Its evolutionary goal, or created one if that’s you, which is fine, is to protect us from harm. It will find what we want it to search for, but it may not like the path we want to take. It may throw your past before your eyes and try to prevent you from doing what you know in your own heart is right for you. Listen, prepare yourself, get over whatever its presenting, but have the courage, as Sarah does, to move forward.

Despite her brutal past with him, Sarah sees her future in the positive and knows, in her heart of hearts, despite all the warnings her logical brain is trying to give her, that saving the band of dying humans is the right thing to do. From Entwined page 137.

Sarah spoke to the Family about the rescue mission, assuring them that she was prepared to face Robert, that the Family was ready to help these poor people, and that Tom was staying back to care for Janie and Jazz and also so she would have the opportunity to deal with Robert alone. The Family understood. She was thrilled that there’d been no emotion, no fear, not even hatred in her message to the Family as she spoke about Robert. He was, in fact, just a man. A man who might make trouble, like any of the others they were about to bring back here, but she was certain she was ready for him. She slept like a baby that night.

Entwined page 137

Envision your perfect future. See it as though it exists now, today. It may be a long way from a complete picture and that’s OK. Build it. Grow it. Increase the specificity, the detail, the way you’ll feel, the people who surround you, and if you are into that sort of thing, the stuff you’ll have, that will bring you joy. But see it now.

Create what’s called a vision board. Start with pictures and statements that reflect the world you want for yourself. Change out the pictures, add pictures and images. Adjust the wording. Put the most important parts in the middle, with decreasing priority as you move toward the edges. Change priorities as they change for you, or are accomplished. See it all as though it already exists.

Feel how that feels. Now let your mind find ways to make that a reality and listen to your heart of hearts as it guides you along your path. Sense where your deepest passions are. You may have more than one.

This process will lead you to uncover your personal superpowers. They grow out of your deepest passions because you build them with those blocks. Your deepest passion is that which you want to do as often as you possibly can, and weave into everything you do, to the annoyance of your loved ones, who may need to be replaced as a result. Your superpowers are the results of your passions that are valuable to the outside world, but we’ll get to that.

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