Solving Huge Problems as a Team

Pay attention. Talk to everyone you feel you should. Go where you feel you should. Do what you feel you should. These are all parts of your path. You need new friends to build your new world.

Ned Lips – Author

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You don’t have to do this alone, and with the help of those who believe in you and what you are trying to accomplish, you can achieve great things. We’ve talked about finding your allies and discarding those who will not support you in your path, even if they are friends, relatives or former advisers.

As you build your team, one in which you reciprocate for your allies, understand the roles of each person. Sometimes you need them all for general support, but most of the time you need specific help that only one or a few are particularly adept at. Understand how your team of allies works best for you. In the end, you must do the parts that you do best, but once you know your true allies, rely on them to do what they do best. Collaboration defeats any obstacle.

If you do not have the right person, if you are connected to the spirits of the universe, send out into it what you need and listen. The right person or people will appear. They always have for me, whenever I’ve gotten out of my own way.

In Reset, the team is building their compound and late in the day, when everyone was tired, a large rock, to be used as their cooking stone, must be wrestled from the stream, up the bank and onto the rocks set to support it. Sarah cannot do this alone. Reset page 139.

It was about 6 feet long and over 2 feet wide at the center where the indentation was. Seven of the men got their fingers under it as best they could. Sarah took the thicker end, but she couldn’t get much of a hold. Erika and four of the strongest women jammed large branches as levers under the edge of the rock. Amy stood above them, ‘Alright, on three.’

Sarah summoned every ounce of her animal strength and, when Amy hit three, unleashed it on the rock. The mud acted like a vacuum, but it moved a little. Erika and her team forced sticks under it, and the team relaxed.

‘Damn, Amy, big-ass rock,’ Erika said.

‘Take your positions. Get your footing and fingerholds,’ Amy ordered.

Everyone obeyed. ‘On three.’ There was a collective grunt as Sarah and the team brought everything they had to bear on that rock. It moved a bit more this time. Water rushed under the edges. Erika’s team scrambled to jam sticks and rocks into the spaces, allowing the others to take a break. No one spoke this time as several of the men, fingers bleeding a bit, were replaced by others.

‘Everybody good?’ They all nodded. ‘OK, one more time. I can feel it. Ready . . . on three.’

Finally, there was a loud sucking sound at Sarah’s end as air and water rushed under the stone and the rock jerked up. The onlooking Family members cheered.

Reset page 139

As with creating the compound in which the Family is to live and thrive, my books have taken dozens of people to make real. Advisors, readers, editors, designers, allies and many others. You cannot achieve your dreams without some other folks doing some heavy lifting on your behalf.

I have worked with entrepreneurs and others over the years. On this issue I advise them that, when they are doing what they are passionate about, they are the best in the world at it because of their passion, exercising their superpowers, and they are generating over $500 per hour they work.

When they do the mundane tasks of operating a business, the stuff they hate, suck at and take forever to do, they maybe save their company $15 to $25 per hour. So, by doing the things for which they don’t even have normal powers to do, it is costing them $475 per hour.

There are people whose superpowers apply to all of that stuff you hate but need done. They will do it faster, better and with almost no errors, and they will free you up to make $500 per each of those boring, dreadful hours.

Perform within your superpowers and hire or use others to perform within theirs in furtherance of your dreams.

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