“Short Fiction.”

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The Father of the Bride

The magnitude of the event is just settling in. My sweet Mandy. Well, to me she’s sweet, but to those on the court, my five-foot, ten-inch power forward is known simply as “The Terror.” At 28 she still plays, usually with men, including her fiancé, and they all still call her that. There were days in middle school when my wife felt that way about her, but to me, she was and always will be my sweet baby girl. I flip to a series of pictures on my phone: tall, athletic, long flowing hair, and she glows…

Meet Cute?​

Last night was another late, lonely night. Work starts way too early. Coffee! Need coffee! And a girlfriend.

Break room’s empty. “Let’s see. Coffee. Ummm, specialty.” Beep. “Let’s try mocha.” Beep. “Hmmm. Large cup.” Beep. “Definitely strong.” Beep, beep. “OK. Coffee!”

Dream Come True

“For so long, I didn’t believe that dreams could come true. Then I met you.” Melanie’s eyes glistened with tears of joy.

“Well, Mellie, thank heavens real dreams don’t come true. Mine are so crazy.” Gerald pulled her close, kissed her smiling face good night and turned over. She cuddled up behind him and held him close.

Worlds at Her Fingertips

I know I’m Irish, Jeremy, but there are no such things as leprechauns!” Kayleigh tossed her long red hair over her shoulder and led the small group in a toast: “To science!”An older gentleman, clad in a Donegal tweed jacket and a woolen kilt, weaved up to them.