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First Steps. The Prequel to the Reset Series.

Have you ever lied to yourself about your life? Do you have secrets you’ve hidden away—secrets that would destroy the house of cards you’ve built?

Seduced into living the life her husband has built for her. Enwrapped in a family that is not hers. Stuck in a marriage that is literally killing her. Orphaned and broke, Sarah feels trapped in someone else’s life.

“She flexed her right hand, the hand that had driven a straight punch into her husband, sending him crashing onto their glass coffee table. She’d finally hit Robert back. . . . ‘It was time, Sarah,’ she said aloud to herself. ‘It is the right time.’ She wasn’t sure she’d convinced herself, but she knew she’d had enough. Bruises, broken bones, excuses and stories to protect him and their family.

“He’d come home drunk again, angry and looking for blood. Her blood.”

No one to turn to, no plan for escape, and next time, he’ll kill her.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1 in

Signed by the Author


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