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Is your past entwined with your present? Can you break free of negative relationships to trust new loves?

“Daffodil said, ‘Love heals all. [Tom] loves you deeply. Love him as deeply, for you now know that you have it in you to do so.’

“Sarah thought about this. Had she really released herself to totally and completely love Tom, or did she only accept his unquestioning love for her? She looked at Daffodil, as ethereal here as she was in real life. ‘I’ll try.’”

Haunted by the last man Sarah was sure she’d loved, who’d brutally beaten her and has since invaded her mind to its core, can Sarah free herself to love Tom fully? Can she trust him? What if she loves him and then, like Robert, he turns on her? Is he her next Robert? He’s done nothing but love and support her. But isn’t Tom, and her feelings for him, a liability as she strives to protect and lead the Family in this strange world of beauty and terror? As Sarah wrestles with her personal doubts and fears, external threats, challenges, enemies, new friends and mystical powers abound as the Family moves forward in a Reset world.

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2 reviews for Entwined – Book Two of The Reset Series

  1. Ned Lips

    An amazing story of female leadership, spirituality, compassion, love and evil, Entwined was so compelling that I HAD to read it in one day. – Laurie Wheatman Zoock, Owner, The Public Relations Alliance

  2. Ned Lips

    Another journey with Sarah and her Family that kept me tied to each page, each chapter. I have joked that I have a love/hate relationship with this series—hate that I cannot put the books down, love following Sarah on her journey. – Karen Hoffman, CEO, Gateway to Dreams

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