Pay Attention!

When you know it is right to act, ACT. Sometimes your journey requires helpers. Sometimes you’re part of someone else’s journey. Help them out.

Ned Lips – Author

Along the way, you will run into many people. Some will skip by without interest, either way. Others will appear in your world, and for no logical reason you can discern, you will feel a need, a pull, to interact with them. They will likely be strangers. You may be in a hurry. They may be in your way. If you feel it is right to talk to them, STOP and do it!

I believe that these interactions, the ones you feel like you should engage in, are situations where your spirits are searching for something similar, something complementary. You are being brought into each other’s space because you can help one another, or perhaps you can just help them or they you.

As I’ve envisioned my world and seen where I want to be, people have arisen out of nowhere to solve a problem, answer a question or provide a needed service. Some have appeared and then disappeared because they were not the right fit. Now, in my life, I try to always do what my heart is guiding me to do. I engage with strangers I seem drawn to, and I am always amazed at how they improve my life. I believe these interactions come from God, as I understand that concept.

No one really knows WHAT God is. We all have our own ideas. In Star Wars it is presented as The Force, a universal energy into which at least the Jedi can connect. In Revelations, as in Greek and Roman mythologies, God is an old man with a white beard who sits on a throne surrounded by other spiritual beings. Jesus refers to God as his Father, a loving, wise and benevolent being that everyone is connected directly to if they wish to be. The Old Testament God is vengeful and easy to anger, completely on the side of the Israelites at every turn, who can only be reached through the priests.

I believe that God is a universal energy that connects us all and makes us alive. I call it the Spiritual Internet, and its been around forever.

God, to Nānī and to Mom and thus to me, is not a singular, all-knowing being, but rather the connection of all souls to all others.”
“Mom, you’ve told us about what god is. Why do you call it the Spiritual Internet sometimes?” Janie asked.
Sarah smiled and giggled a little. “When I was in law school, I had a roommate. Her name was Heather. Heather was sweet, but she was not going to make it in law school. She never studied, partied too hard and didn’t seem to care enough. She was pretty and from a nice family in New York. For Heather, law school was the next school her parents would pay for before she had to venture out into the real world. I think she dropped out after our first year. Anyway, I tried to explain what we believe god is to Heather. She said, ‘So, it’s like a spiritual internet?’ I always liked that analogy, so I’ve used it. People get it that way, I think. Heather did.”
Sarah and Janie nodded.

First Steps page 106

I believe that this is what the Holy Spirit is in the Bible, our connection into that Spiritual Internet of all souls connected to all others, which as I see it, is God. Other religions I have looked at have similar concepts. Sarah has the ability to go into that world directly. It is one of the things that makes her special. I know in my soul that we are all able to communicate with that realm, with the universal energy that connects us all, with God, and when we do, and act as guided, we will stay in harmony with all other souls and find our joyous path among them.

What that also means, is that we will find strangers drawn into our paths to help us along our journey to joy AND we will be led into the paths of others who we have the ability to help along their paths to joy. We need to do both, and we will know, in our hearts, when to act. We just have to have the faith to do so.

After her battle with the Storm, Sarah is searching for her girls and needs help. She tunes into the universe of spirits, she knows the way and help appears. She needed only to listen and have faith.

Her spirit sensed Jazz and then Janie. They are here! She shook her head, closed her eyes, centered herself again. Find your girls! She knew she was on a bigger mission than simply finding her girls, but that was the only one in focus right now and so she ran.
She let go, closing her eyes as she ran, and released herself to the spirits, warm and loving. Asha’s last gifts. They calmed her. They were her connection, and this realization gave her strength. She could feel nature guiding her. Her deep connection to unfettered nature, to all of this craziness, shocked her almost as much as the human chaos still swirling around her, but the former was deep and positive.
She opened her eyes and said aloud to no one, “OK, universe, we got this.”
She crested a hillock. There, walking to the top of a grass-green hill, silhouetted against the bright blue sky, was a grand black Arabian stallion. He was staring right at her, sleek, powerful and, until a few minutes ago, a very pricey extravagance in this formerly high-end neighborhood. Now, he was just a horse. Traveling on him would be quicker and safer. It was still over 5 miles to the place where the school used to be.
As she jogged up to the quiet animal, he continued toward her, a few steps in her direction, then stopped and waited. She felt he’d also been looking for her.

From Reset pages 27 – 28

Among those you run into in this manner, some will become allies, others you will help because you know it is right and it brings you joy, and still others will exist in your life for a fleeting moment, perhaps providing a tidbit of information, or inspiration, or an introduction. I met my wife this way, and I’m glad I was brave enough and had the faith to act when I knew it was the right thing to do.

There is a spiritual concept that I feel is strong, referred to as the Law of Attraction. Many scholars as well as philosophers and modern day prophets talk about it. The idea is very similar to mine. At its base it tells you to envision what you want in your life. The major difference is that in many of these, the instructor asks you to envision things you want. A big house on a beach or a new car, for example.

Perhaps this works. What I propose is that what you want will come to you, but along the way you have to listen rather than ask. Envision what you want in life, the end game. Find your passions and see what it would be like to live them. Understand and harness your superpowers, those you develop from your passions, and see where they can take you. All along the path, feel the world around you and do what you know in your heart is right, for that is God, whoever that is for you, guiding you toward your joy.

Your path comes from this personal connection to the divine. Follow it. Listen, watch, know, act.

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