Parasite, The Reset Finale – a Bittersweet Moment

In November, I published the finale of the Reset series, Parasite. I’ve always been elated when this happens, but this time I felt a bit of depression. I didn’t understand it at first. Then, I realized that I’d lived nearly every day of the last three and a half years of my life with Sarah, her girls, Jazz and Janie, her nemesis Robert, her love, Tom, her best friend, Erika, co-leader, Ms. Watson and the many other members of her Family. I’d worried about their struggles, how to defeat their adversaries, and I celebrated their victories and budding relationships. I felt their pains, confusions, loves and friendships as they poured out of my fingers onto the page.

And then, with a click of the mouse, it was over. Parasite was published. The series was completed. Sarah’s amazing journey from helpless to hero had run its course. The next morning, I sat at my laptop and Sarah was not there to greet me. None of them were. I missed them already and still do.

Several of my devoted readers do as well, demanding that I write more of their story. One told me she struggled to finish Parasite because she knew her relationship with the characters was coming to an end. I feel her pain. Luckily they’ve all loved the books.

Not to worry, along with numerous other novels and stories that are growing on the pages of my laptop screen, a new story about Sarah and the Family is slowly coalescing in my brain. I expect them to reappear someday. In the meantime, I have to attend to the gajillion other stories racing about in my brain trying desperately to get out. If you’d spent any time in my brain, you’d want out too.

Love and hugs to all. Have an amazing day!

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