Owning Your Gifts

You ALWAYS know what is right for you. You fight it because others have told you that you’re wrong. God inside you is never wrong!

Ned Lips – Author

“She hugged Asha close and then loosened her grip. Asha fell away from her, limp to the ground. Then, before her eyes, Asha glowed red, then white and dispersed, swirling as a mist in the air around her, then a brief, almost blinding flash of white light entered Sarah’s being, soaking the red mist within her. She felt the Horse, Bear, Elephant and Tiger rise inside her, warm and strong, then a warmer feeling of deep, unbridled love filled her completely.”

From Reset page 18.

[Sarah] knelt in front of her daughter. “Honey, it’s going to be OK. Trust me. It’s going to all turn out to be the best thing we’ve ever done. You know the simple rule of life, right?”
“Do what you know in your heart is the right thing to do, and you will stay in harmony with all of the souls in the universe.”
“Right. I haven’t been doing that for the last few years, for all the man-made, rationalist reasons that I’ve tried to teach you to ignore. A while back, I decided that the universe is my guide; on Thursday, it guided me to end it with your father. I’ll choose to listen to and follow the spirits of the universe, the souls of all who live and have lived, and connect with the spiritual internet that binds us all.”
“Today was a good step, Mom. I’m going to do that too. From now on.”

From First Steps page 89.

We are sure that our capabilities, our powers, are limited, owned by others, based on their support for us. This is not true. This is YOUR life. They do not and cannot hear the voice that lives inside you, guiding you from the spirits that love you, from God.

Those who love you will provide you gifts and wisdom. Use these gifts as guides but never rules, and only to the extent they enhance what you know to be right. Those who love you will never leave you, but they must no longer serve as your crutch, your reason for doing things you know in your heart of hearts are wrong for YOU. It is tough to give up those on whom you’ve leaned so heavily, but it is time for you to take their gifts and use them to find your own path in life. That is ultimately why they gave them to you.

My Life

They call it a conscience. Perhaps that is all it is. But every time we are faced with a question, we have several answers from several sources. They could be:

  1. My senses tell me that doing that would be amazingly pleasurable – like eating cake.
  2. My libido tells me that would be amazing. He/she is so sexy.
  3. My subconscious tells me, rather loudly, that she is so out of your league. This is too risky. Just stick with your friends.
  4. Some part of my brain reminds me of the calories or STDs or something else – this is dangerous. Leave this place.
  5. The voice of your mother or pastor pops into your head and says, “You’re out too late. You have work in the morning. Go home!”
  6. But my heart of hearts says, “Talk to this person now, because for no apparent reason, that is the right thing to do for you at this moment in time.” Do it! If you miss it, you may never experience this again.

Following this is how I met my lovely wife of over 12 years. I told the story in an earlier post. But I just chose to talk to her, a stranger in a reception. What if I’d allowed her to walk on past? How many times have you failed to act when you knew deep down that you should? Ever wonder what might have happened?

You know in your heart of hearts what is right for YOU in every instance. You nonetheless, usually decide on one of the other options above because its rational, safe, easy, morally right, or something else. When you elect not to follow what you know is right for you in your heart of hearts, YOU are no longer driving your life along the path the universe, God, the spirits who love you has laid out for you.

But YOU know in your heart of hearts what is right for you. Since you did not talk to the person you knew in your heart of hearts that you were supposed to talk to, you also have no idea what didn’t happen for you that evening. I’ve practiced this for years, more or less, off and on. Now that I am trying to do it all the time, I am moving closer to a joyous life. 

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