Sarah’s Journey Is Complete

What if you were trapped in a brutal marriage, penniless, alone in the world, and the only family your two daughters have is HIS family? Heck, it’s the only family YOU have. Would you have the courage to get out? To drag your girls away from their family? Could you actually escape from your rich husband?

What if the only way to be truly free is for everything man-made to be removed from the face of the earth, and then that happens? What would you do? No roads, landmarks, cellphones, vehicles or even clothing. How would you find your girls? How would you survive?

What if your husband survived? Would you save him and the people dying along with him? Do you believe in the love you receive from the man you’ve met in this new world enough to bring your husband back to the Family?

Why did all of this happen? Who or what took everything man-made from the planet? Can you save all of the people you love from the deadliest menace the world has ever known?

This is Sarah’s journey from beaten and trapped to powerful heroine, survivor, leader and lover.

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This book hit close to home for me and I’m sure it will hit close to home for a lot of people, namely women. The pure strength displayed by the characters will leave you with goosebumps for sure! Very relatable story with unmatched strength and courage.
-Demetria P. on First Steps
Reset will take you into a strange new world where the unimaginable has occurred and very few have the skills needed to survive. In this exciting story you will be pulled along while you encounter one woman who emerges from fear to utter fearlessness as she encounters and conquers the essential conflicts of the human condition. This page turning novel will allow you to enter into the lives of Sarah and other strong women, along with supportive and competent men, as they forge a new community into a family where cooperation rather than competition will be necessary in order to survive.
-Julie M. on Reset
A great adventure and survival story mixed in with love, fear and spirituality. A continuation of the book Reset and it DOES NOT disappoint ! Read it in like 3 days – so good!
-Jessica L. on Entwined


I read a story about a man whose wife of nearly fifty years died of cancer. It was an article on how he faded away quickly in her absence and soon died, leaving their family, including young grandchildren, behind. I thought to myself, would the wife have wanted this for her husband, the man she’d loved for all those years? What if she, after her death, could actually do something to prevent it?

Then I read a story about a prostitute who’d died, been beaten to death by a john who was a big deal and was under arrest. He was the only real reason anyone cared. When they investigated her tiny apartment, to their surprise, instead of drugs they found stacks and shelves of books, worn and extensively read. These were treatises on many advanced subjects written by many of the most brilliant people in history. She was extremely bright, but was trapped in her profession without a High School education and no chance to be who she should have been.

Freed is a combination of these inspirations, all orchestrated by James’ deceased wife who loves him so deeply. She creates an encounter that saves his life and that of others, because he trusts her so completely.

Love is infinite. What would you do to free the ones you love?


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