Sarah’s Journey Is Complete

To protect herself and her two daughters, Sarah battles to escape her brutal husband, Robert, tearing her girls away from the only family they have, his family.

Sarah, a life-long survivalist and devotee to spiritual meditation, finds herself in a battle for her life, the lives of her girls in a world of pure nature, where everything man-made has been removed from the face of the earth.

Sarah must learn to trust, to care about others again, learn to lead, to use her new strengths, and ultimately to love, while evil grows stronger around her and the new Family she has found in this new world.

Sarah’s journey will take you through survival, battles, friendship, love, and spiritual healing.

This book hit close to home for me and I’m sure it will hit close to home for a lot of people, namely women. The pure strength displayed by the characters will leave you with goosebumps for sure! Very relatable story with unmatched strength and courage.
-Demetria P.
Reset will take you into a strange new world where the unimaginable has occurred and very few have the skills needed to survive. In this exciting story you will be pulled along while you encounter one woman who emerges from fear to utter fearlessness as she encounters and conquers the essential conflicts of the human condition. This page turning novel will allow you to enter into the lives of Sarah and other strong women, along with supportive and competent men, as they forge a new community into a family where cooperation rather than competition will be necessary in order to survive.
-Julie M.
A great adventure and survival story mixed in with love, fear and spirituality. A continuation of the book reset and it DOES NOT disappoint ! Read it in like 3 days – so good!
-Jessica L.

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A three-dimensional love story caught in the past, the present and the spiritual realm many of us wear masks, personas that we hide behind to avoid the risks of deep personal relationships. Dr. James Randolph, as a physicist, avoided understanding the spiritual world so important to his sweet wife, Debra, until it was too late. Since her death, he is determined to live as a despondent, reclusive widower to avoid exposing himself to life without her.Candy has played a part for as long as she can remember. Hiding behind her professional mask is the only way she knows to survive. She has no idea what it means to be who she really is or what it means to love or be loved.Forced by his family, who have had some mysterious visions, to take a solo trip to Las Vegas, Dr. Randolph meets Candy and, aided by a loving spirit, is able to find the souls behind the masks as he embarks on an unexpected journey to free the two women most important to him.Love is infinite. What would you do to free the ones you love?


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