Moments of Pure Bliss

Pure bliss is the goal, though seldom achieved completely. Other people exist to mess it up.

Ned Lips, Author of Reset Series

 “She and the horse were in taller, light green grasses with yellow and white wildflowers that reached to the western horizon. The breeze blew across the plain, giving the area the appearance of an ocean, flowing in and out with the never-ending tides. The undulations began up the far slope, crossed the river below her and flowed all the way up the gradual rise to the trees, where the wind was lost in the rustle of leaves above her.

She sat and felt the stillness and peace of undisturbed nature. It was one of her favorite sensations. She could sense everything around her. Small animals scurrying amidst the grasses, birds in the trees and sky. There were hundreds, thousands. Life was exploding around her and within her. She closed her eyes and drank it all in. She felt her connection to the horse and let it sink into her. She felt the bear deep in the woods to the west and let his spirit soak into hers. She felt the predator with the green eyes well off in the forest behind her—a tiger, the Tiger—and felt a connection with him. She felt the elephant, somewhere out there as well. It was enveloping, sensual, wondrous. She let them in and felt their spirits become stronger within her.” Reset page 120.

These are moments of great joy. For Sarah, they are peaceful connections to her world of nature and spirits. For you, it may be quite different. These are special times, where you can feel your efforts coming together to fruition. You feel your passions becoming clearer. You can see your future with clarity. You can sense your world becoming more real for you. Your superpowers, while perhaps not all there, are within your grasp. It is wondrous, and you want to stay in these moments as long as you can, but your heart will guide you into your next steps.

My Life

It’s amazing how wonderful it feels when you’ve made the commitment to Reset your life. Don’t get me wrong—it’s scary. You’re starting over. In my case, I was 56 years old. I’m 59 now and just getting my book out there. I still do a little real estate on the side, but now it is on the side, and writing is my main focus. Thank heavens people like my first book, Reset. My second book, the prequel to Reset, is done and coming out soon. Yikes.

Today is a day of bliss. It’s nice to feel so good about what I’m doing.

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