Every Little Voice You Hear from Your Heart of Hearts Is Guiding You Toward Your Joy.

Ned Lips – Author

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Listen. You will hear things you would have ignored in the past. Do they feel important? They are guides for you. When you pray or meditate, spend your time listening. Send out into the universe your questions, not your earthly desires. Ask for guidance and listen. The answers likely will not come in that session, but as you walk through your life open to the world of spirit, the answer will come to you. They may pop into your brain, or appear in the form of a person and their words, or in many other ways. Stay aware and listen.

As you follow your heart of hearts, you will find yourself in interesting situations. You will know you are supposed to do something that goes against your human knowledge. It does not make sense. If you know in your heart you should do something, do it, without hesitation. It might be to talk to a stranger, walk through a door, join a group or an infinite number of other things.

It might even be to get on a horse in the middle of nowhere, as it was for Sarah in Reset on pages 27 – 28.

She let go, closing her eyes as she ran, and released herself to the spirits, warm and loving. Asha’s last gifts. They calmed her. They were her connection, and this realization gave her strength. She could feel nature guiding her. Her deep connection to unfettered nature, to all of this craziness, shocked her almost as much as the human chaos still swirling around her, but the former was deep and positive.

She opened her eyes and said aloud to no one, “OK, universe, we got this.”

She crested a hillock. There, walking to the top of a grass-green hill, silhouetted against the bright blue sky, was a grand black Arabian stallion. He was staring right at her, sleek, powerful and, until a few minutes ago, a very pricey extravagance in this formerly high-end neighborhood. Now, he was just a horse. Traveling on him would be quicker and safer. It was still over 5 miles to the place where the school used to be.

As she jogged up to the quiet animal, he continued toward her, a few steps in her direction, then stopped and waited. She felt he’d also been looking for her. “OK, looney, catch the horse.” They reached one another, and she touched his shoulder. The spirit of the horse joined with the one she had inside her, the one from the temple, from the dream, from the battle in the Storm. As she began whispering to him, a warmth flowed between them as though they knew each other. Sarah realized that she wasn’t speaking. She’d only thought. She knew the horse had felt her and responded, and she knew they were supposed to be together. She stepped back but kept her hand on the horse and paused.

“OK. Get on the horse. He’s just a horse.” She knew that was a lie. This wasn’t just a horse to her anymore. The Horse in her dreamlike battle with that Storm filled her mind. Was this that horse? This IS that horse! This is HER Horse!

Reset pages 27 – 28.

To Sarah, at first, this is just a horse, right? Until she realizes that he is more than just any horse. He is the horse from her battle with the Storm, the one whose spirit Asha had gifted to her. It was, as she considered him at the time, her horse. You will feel as though people are just that, strangers, though you are drawn to them. When you interact with them you will find that they are not just people, they are your people, if only for a moment.

You will feel as though you have to talk to someone you don’t know, go somewhere you’ve never been, miss a meeting to do something crazy, and in each case, you know in your heart it is the right thing for you to do at that moment in time.

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Do it. It is right, and whatever else you were “supposed” to do will fall away and become irrelevant. Be sure you know this is the right thing for you to do in your heart of hearts, and not just a fling you know down deep is wrong but seems fun.

Doing what you know is right is hard, and it is seldom purely frivolous, though I can’t tell you that for you. Who knows how your heart of hearts works for you.

My Life

I met my wife at a chance meeting at a reception at a presentation by former Secretary of State James Baker at St. Louis University, for crying out loud. Then, after some brief e-mails, she shows up with another mutual friend at my Rotary meeting and has to sit next to me. Then we run into one another at a completely unrelated networking event.

If my relationship with Barbara, which has been two-sided from the get-go, is not proof of some sort of spiritual something, I’m not sure what is.

When your heart is open, feels your vision, understands what you know is right in your life, it will see, point out and draw the right people and things into your life. It is your job to act on those moments.

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