What would you do if everything manmade disappeared?

Pure power and poetry masterfully written by first time novelist. Reset will draw even reluctant readers into its creative and clever tale.

Naked and alone, could you find your loved ones and start over?

Vulnerable after escaping a violent marriage, Sarah is wracked with fear, anger and guilt. She finds solace in the spirits of the universe. Under deep meditation, Sarah battles a mysterious living Storm and her own past demons. With the help of her guru’s spirits, Sarah escapes the Storm, but it leaves behind a new world, seizing everything man-made from the planet, releasing nature to transform the earth and bestowing Sarah with unique but dangerous strengths.

As all others panic, Sarah, a lifelong survivalist, knows what to do. Tempted to take her daughters and survive on their own, Sarah instead joins with other strong women to build a safer, harmonious community, finding herself part of a big Family, something she’s never known. In this frightening new world, Sarah grows into the roles of teacher, protector, leader and builder of a new life for her daughters, her new Family and the man she learns to love. But forces of evil, both external and internal, threaten their future. Sarah must harness the spirits within if she is to save them.

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Reader Praise

“A riveting tale that draws you in and never let’s go!”
Cherie L. Postill
Author, Presenter, Speaker, Book Coach- St. Louis Missouri
“This story . . . about independent women . . . snatches you off to adventure, excitement, sadness, anxiety . . . [but] leaves you feeling RESET. It is so not what you think it is.”
Darcella Craven
President / Chief Fear Conqueror, Veterans Business Resource Center, St. Louis, MO
You will be pulled along [with] one woman who emerges from fear to utter fearlessness as she encounters and conquers the essential conflicts of the human condition.
Julie Martin
Owner Feather & Bloom Company, Bakersfield, CA

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