Following Your Heart

Do what you know in your heart is the right thing to do and you will KNOW the next right step in your journey to joy.

Ned Lips – Author

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Hello, and welcome to Resetting Your Life. I am Ned Lips. Last time we talked about following your heart, but in a different way than the movies talk about it.

In Reset, the Storm has taken everything man-made from the face of the earth. Sarah must find her girls.

Reset Excerpt

“One mission, she told herself, then I’ll help,” driving herself forward.
She crossed raging creeks and outcroppings of growing trees, following the guidance of the spirits as her mother and Asha had taught her. She was tiring. The run was difficult, and as the plants grew, even with the power of the Elephant, it was hard to maintain her pace. She needed help.
“Reach to the spirits for help, Sarah,” came Asha’s voice from within, from somewhere.
Sarah closed her eyes and let go, allowing herself to feel the spirits in nature all around her. Feeling a pull northwest, she opened her eyes and obeyed. Her soul was her guide; she felt connected to this world as though she were a part of all of it, this ravenous return of nature.
For the first time in a long time, she was free of the nightmare that had been her life. This was the sort of reset she and her girls could handle, but her brain fought against her. “Am I really part of this? Did I cause it? Is this still an insane dream? Am I in some weird dimension? Are my girls even here?”

Reset page 27

Sarah can only hope they’ve stayed at their school. She relies on her connection to the universe of spirits, her concept of God, to guide her, bring into her path what she needs, and it works. She trusts and does.

In First Steps, Sarah is running with her two girls from their abusive father. She is trying to comfort her oldest.

First Steps Excerpt

She knelt in front of her daughter. “Honey, it’s going to be OK. Trust me. It’s going to all turn out to be the best thing we’ve ever done. You know the simple rule of life, right?”
“Do what you know in your heart is the right thing to do, and you will stay in harmony with all of the souls in the universe.”
“Right. I haven’t been doing that for the last few years, for all the man-made, rationalist reasons that I’ve tried to teach you to ignore. A while back, I decided that the universe is my guide; on Thursday, it guided me to end it with your father. I’ll choose to listen to and follow the spirits of the universe, the souls of all who live and have lived, and connect with the spiritual internet that binds us all.”
“Today was a good step, Mom. I’m going to do that too. From now on.”

First Steps page 89

Even Sarah, like me, who has understood this for so long, has allowed her mind, her adoptive family and others to guide her. She felt trapped in her abusive relationship and is now determined to escape, which she knows it the right thing to do. She will lose Robert’s money, the big house, Robert’s family who she loves and is the only family her girls know, and they will all have to start over. Scary, but the right thing for her to do.

Following your heart is more of a small picture concept. You know in your heart, in your soul, that part of you connected to however you define God, what is the right next thing for you to do. From eating that piece of cake, to leaving an abusive relationship or job or simply saying hello to a stranger, which is how I met my wife.

No one knows your heart like you do. Your path is between you and God, however you understand that concept. Follow the guidance given to you. You will find it inside you. In your soul, your heart of hearts, your spirit. You will doubt yourself. Others will throw doubt at you. This voice, however, is God, however you understand her, guiding you, speaking to you, helping you along your journey. Relax and follow the path She is laying out for you.

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My Life

I’ve espoused this idea of following your heart, and yet like so many of us it took until my life was a mess and I was 56 years old that I decided to actually do that. I suppose along the way, I believed I was following my heart and perhaps I was, at the time. Hard to tell. Pretty much everyone who knew me, however, will tell you that I was not happy. I’m an upbeat guy who loves everyone, but I was never satisfied with what I was doing professionally.

It was the next thing. It was right because it was easy. It was right because I could make money. It was right because she seemed nice. It wasn’t right because I knew in my heart of hearts, my soul, that it would make me happy. In fact, in so many cases, I knew it wouldn’t, but I did it anyway.

Writing. That’s what I loved. And sports. I lived in fear most of the time. So, I did the next easy thing until there were no paths left for me except to do what I really wanted to do. Sometimes that’s the way it happens. I write these blogs so that perhaps you won’t wait so long.

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