Finding Your Passions

You will have many interests, fewer passions and only a few of those will be deep.

Ned Lips – Author

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After last week, you’ve begun your journal and started to enter data. What things that have randomly happened do you love and which to you hate? What have the people closest to you said about you and what they think your are passionate about, or like to do, or hate? You’ve made your list of things you do at work, at home, in other situations, and rated them from 1 being sucky to 5 being great.

I’m sure, in one week, you’re not finished, so keep going. You learn more and more about yourself every day when you are listening to your soul, doing what you know is right for you, and exploring with your heart open and brain searching for the things you love in life. Trust your heart as Sarah realizes she must in Entwined, in a conversation with Jazz, on page 91.

“Mom, I’m a little scared, especially after what happened with Dad. I mean, Mark’s sweet and, like, totally harmless. He’d never do anything like that to me. I like that about him. But still, what if when I want to do it, with someone, that whole thing, like, comes back?”

Sarah thought about this for a moment. “I don’t really know, honey. Your father was brutal to me, as you know. But when I was with Tom, it all felt right. It was real and sweet and wonderful. The images of your father doing things to me never came up. Sex should be lovemaking, special and tender, but raucous and fun and crazy sometimes too. It’s that way with Tom. It was never that way with your father. So, I guess you need to let yourself feel and do what you know in your heart is right. Trust the universe of spirits in this like anything else.”

Jazz donned a bright smile and guided Sergio toward Sarah. She reached out and put a hand on her thigh, gazing lovingly into Sarah’s eyes. “Thanks, Mom.”

Sarah had dreaded the discussion, but it turned out to be a wonderful interchange that brought the two closer, perhaps than ever before.Then Jazz, to whom she’d always been connected, said, “Mom, I hope you listen to your own advice.” Jazz winked. Sarah stared at her daughter. Does she feel my conflict and confusion with Tom? Either way, she’s right.

Entwined page 91

As you focus on finding your passions, your soul will begin to help you along that journey, and so will your brain. You brain knows you. It’s lived with you your entire life. You’ve programmed it. You see the world through it. It interprets the data from your body for you, your soul, to understand. It knows you.

Consider when you buy that cool red Ford F-150 pick-up. Then as you leave the lot and begin to drive around, you see one red Ford F-150 pick-up after another. Why? Because you’ve tuned your brain to see them, and so after just as many have passed you by in the past without being noticed, you now see them all.

Same with searching for the things you love. As you think of things that you believe will turn you on, that you might be passionate about, those things, events and opportunities that have been there all along, become obvious to you. You see them. Now you can determine whether you truly want to become engaged in what you find. That is the province of your soul. Your brain sees and finds opportunities that fit your desires and your soul will guide you in or away.

Your soul is connected to the souls who are engaged in things you think you might be interested in. You will know whether you should participate or not. If you do, you will sense how natural it feels for you or how uncomfortable you become. Listen to your heart of hearts and follow the path it is leading you on. That will help to winnow down the list, even within the areas of passion that you’ve listed.

Eventually, you’ll wander into a group that feels like home. You’ll find a book or article you cannot put down. People you don’t know will fall into your life with guidance. Some may become your guide, mentor, a deep friend, confidant or partner in a new venture. You may find the person who compliments your weaknesses, whose passions mesh yours. They love to do those things you hate but which need to be done for you to get where you need to be.

This is a fun period of exploration. Try things. Do things. Read, watch, follow, listen and feel things. As you become more deeply connected along the path toward finding your passions, the road will become clearer. There will be fewer forks and side streets to distract you, and you’ll know they are not your path. Confidence will build and your passions will deepen, what you love will begin to coalesce in your mind and heart.

Take your time because it takes time, but believe in yourself every step of the way.

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