Finding Your Allies

Your TRUE allies are those who want only for you to find your own personal path.

Ned Lips – Author

Asha, a wispy woman dressed in soft red silk that floated about her, was standing in the center of the large room. As tiny as she was, her spirit filled the space and enveloped Sarah as soon as she entered. Unlike the stark white of the small anteroom, this sanctuary was adorned with colorful mosaics. On the wall to her right was a sleek black Arabian horse, racing toward the front of the building, his coat glistening in the summer sun just as her long black hair once did. To her left was a mighty black bear, rising on his hind legs, mouth open displaying his bright white teeth, arms wide showing off his long sharp claws, but he had a look in his eyes that conveyed a sense more of love than destruction. Behind her, straddling the standard-sized door from the front room, was a two-story-tall Indian elephant facing the front, trunk held high before her, signifying good fortune and protection. The fourth and most majestic of the mosaics rose behind Asha across the front wall of the church. It depicted a huge Bengal tiger, walking with peace and power toward them, eyes a deep piercing green that reflected a menacing confidence but somehow a warmth that always seemed to penetrate her soul. All around flowed peaceful grasslands, trees, wildflowers, crystal blue rivers and soft cascades.
She turned and bowed to each, as was the custom, facing the grand Tiger last, then bowing also to her guru. She could always feel the spirits of nature embrace her here. This day, however, the four animals seemed more alive, more real. Sarah gazed into the green, penetrating eyes of the Tiger and felt safe yet bold.

From Reset page 4

Asha is Sarah’s guru, and in the new world, her internal spiritual guide. Asha cares only for Sarah and what is right and good for her, her girls and her new Family. Sarah is gifted with supernatural powers that begin with nature, gifts from Asha to help Sarah find her way.

There are people in your world who want to tell you what your path is, or force you down a path that is good for them but which you know in your heart is wrong for you. Often they mean well, but it is time to stop listening to their voices.

Find the friends who want only to help you find your own way, your passions, your superpowers and want you to express them in your world. They are the ones who want you to feel joy in your life. Always follow what you know is right for you in your heart of hearts. They will listen first and provide whatever you need to achieve your goals. You may not know them. Your interactions may be fleeting and sometimes a bit shocking, but they are in your life to help you find and follow your path to joy.

Mallory sighed again. “Sis, you know we’re here for you, no matter what. We have plenty of room, and you can stay here if you need. If the house search doesn’t work out, you have a place with us. You worry about your new reality. Let me worry about Robert. I’ll keep you updated. You OK with that?”

From First Steps page 181

Mallory is Robert’s sister, but as between them, Mallory and Sarah are the closest of sisters. Mallory is the friend who comes to Sarah’s aid, taking the burdens of dealing with the brutal Robert as Sarah does her best to figure out a way to escape from him. We need friends in so many ways as we reset our lives.

Sarah trusts almost no one. She’s insulated herself and her children from harm. Through Reset and then Entwined, the sequel, she grows, trusting, creating friendships and allies to support her as she builds a new life in a world Reset by a strange living Storm.

When they happen, if you’re tuned into your soul, your heart of hearts, you can feel the power of moments, people, and circumstances. For some unknown reason, you are drawn to them. They feel a part of you, if only for a brief encounter. They may be mere steps along your journey or significant contributions to it. They may become allies, guides, soulmates in your new Reset life. Feel them, meet them, know them, connect with them and do what you know in your heart of hearts is right no matter how much your brain fights you using logic and fear, self-doubt and uncertainty. Finding your path to joy, passion and your superpowers involves more than just you.

My Life

The story flowed from my mind. The right people read the right parts and told me honestly what they felt. Others connected with me and have been instrumental in getting Reset, First Steps and soon Entwined published and out into people’s hands. I am deeply thankful to all of them, and as important, I am thankful to God that I listened to, felt, sensed and allowed myself to be guided through these years to the people and places I needed.

You will find images, ideas, concepts, symbols, places, people and other things that find their way into your path. They are there to provide voice to your heart of hearts. They are there because you asked for guidance and they, perhaps for only a moment, are your guide. The key is not to let any of them take over your dream, though some will try. That is yours, and yours alone.

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