Find Your Allies

As you listen to your heart of hearts, new strong supporters will be drawn to you.

Ned Lips – Author
Missy Nichols, Psychic and Witch

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You don’t have to do this alone. You need allies in your fight to create a new world for yourself. These are more than friends. These are the people who will stand shoulder to shoulder with you and fight the battles that you need to win in order to own your life and build the world that will bring you joy, passion and peace. These are often people whose passions and superpowers complement yours.

Sarah cannot win alone. She needs the collaboration of those around her whose superpowers complement hers. Ms. Watson, Erika, Doc, Tom, Jazz, Janie, Marsha, Rhonda and others who make the Family successful. Superheroes like you need others to truly save the world. Erika becomes Sarah’s stalwart warrior, her sister, without whom she could not succeed for the Family. Reset page 251.

Erika agreed and then did something unexpected. She put her right hand on Sarah’s head and turned it, reaching around her. “Thank you,” Erika said and kissed Sarah square on the lips. Sarah was taken aback at first but felt their connection, settled into the kiss and returned it. When they separated, Erika gazed into Sarah’s eyes with love and commitment. It wasn’t a sexual kiss. It was a kiss of deep bonding. Sarah could feel Erika’s soul entwining more deeply with hers . . .

Reset page 251

There are people who you know love you, but cannot understand what you are doing. While you may not want to remove them from your life, you have to realize that they are not your spiritual allies. They cannot understand, want you to be the way they know and love you, fear a new powerful you, and so they are allies and you can no longer include them on your journey. Visit with them, and let them tell you things. Listen and evaluate, but understand that you must decide what is right for you in your heart.

You have people who do not love you in that way, but upon whom you’ve relied over the years for guidance. If they cannot understand you and support you on your new journey, respect them but know that they are not among your allies.

You have enemies, bosses and others who want to tell you how things will be for you. Follow their rules in their worlds as long as you have to, but begin the process of finding your way out. It is for these sorts of things that true allies can be invaluable.

Allies come into your life when you connect into the spiritual world around you, ask for what you need and then listen and pay attention. The right person or people will appear when you need them most. They may only play a bit part in your journey, but it may be an important one.

I have people who I pay to do things for me. They two are allies. One key to making your dreams come true is to find those allies who will help you because they love you. My wife is one of mine. My daughters, especially my eldest, who has been amazingly helpful. Many others, some friends and some colleagues who I have met along the way have been wonderfully supportive for no good reason other than they are caring, loving people.

We fit into each other’s heart of hearts. I help and support them. They help and support me. These people will find their way into your lives when your heart is open to receive them.

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