The fear grew inside her, the Storm igniting it. “You can’t trust him! You can’t trust men!” came a voice from the Storm, a strange voice combining men from her past: a part Robert, her pink-faced boss, the much older boy she dated at 14 who’d forced her to have sex with him in the back of an old musty car, a college boyfriend who’d pawed her top off at a party before she slapped him, Herb, who’d she’d considered almost a father but had betrayed her, the partner at the firm who’d leered at her in his office before she’d threatened him. Others flowed through her mind—torn blouses, beatings, unwanted advances, being trapped in a corner, boys touching her. So many men who’d mistreated her in her past all mixed together but still separate. “You can’t trust him. No one loves you!” It shocked her.

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