Do Not Underestimate What Can Be Accomplished with Positive Thinking.

Envision everything in the positive.

Ned Lips – Author

“Sarah smiled. She was proud of what they’d accomplished in one afternoon. Good start. . . .

Ms. Watson said . . . ‘What I witnessed today was a miracle, . . . There was important work to be done, and I, for one, am both amazed and thankful for the work that each and every one of you contributed in the face of this disaster. How, after all that, you worked together as a team to get that huge cooking stone out of the river, up that bank and onto Amy’s rocks, I’ll never be able to fathom, but it’s right there, and you’re to be congratulated all around. You rose to the occasion, and you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished.’”

From Reset – page 82.

In Reset, once the Family understands that Sarah knows what needs to be done and why, hope is restored. Sarah sees things as they will be, accomplished and completed. She does not consider why it can’t be done, why its too hard. While she doubts certain things might be accomplished, she never stops believing that this group can do great things, that they will survive and thrive. It is this positivity, hope and inner knowing that drives the Family to do more than any thought was possible, including Ms. Watson.

One chapter closed. She felt as though she was nearing that glorious edge. The bottom of that hole was now well behind her. She could see light above her for the first time in . . . well, she couldn’t remember how long.

First Steps – page 228

Sarah’s guru, Maharishi Prema, explained that Sarah had been living in the negative her entire life and now found herself at the bottom of a dark hole. How many of us have found ourselves there?

Her first steps were to climb out of that hole. Sarah envisioned what she needed to do to get herself and her girls away from Robert, her abusive husband, and out of that hole. She executed on that plan fast, as time was short. By focusing on accomplishing her goals and NOT on the obstacles to her success, she was able to build what promised to be a new life for them.

Never doubt how much you can do to change your life for the better once you put your mind to it, have a clear vision in your mind as to what you want, and drive toward it. When you see your joyous world clearly and begin to make it a reality, others will follow your lead. What is amazing is how many people you’ve never met appear in your life just when you need them to help you achieve your dreams.

Don’t say, “I will not be fat,” because all the universe hears is “fat,” so it’ll help you get fat. Say instead, “I am thin,” and the universe of spirits will help you become thin. See the world as you want it to be. Ignore all the nay-sayers who tell you your idea is stupid or short-sighted or impossible because they’re too afraid to see their dreams through to fruition. Thank them, honor them and then put their negativity to the side and move forward.

Some guides suggest that you should envision things, like new houses or boats or whatever. I guess that’s fine, but I believe that things don’t make you happy or bring you joy. In fact, they can bring you trouble if the way to secure them is through acquiring debt that causes you to work harder in a job you hate.

I believe that you should envision your perfect way to make a living. A way that uses your passions and thus allows you to become best in the world at what you love. A way of making money that exploits your superpowers and thus brings you joy. When you are doing what you truly love to do, following your passions and exploiting your superpowers, you can become the best, because you will spend the time to become the best. It will be fun rather than drudgery. You will do it on your vacation, on the beach, on purpose, because it brings you joy.

As people, employers, clients, customers see the passion with which you do your job and care for them, they will tell all of their friends and they will gladly pay you more. With that you can pay cash for your boat, if that’s what you want.

See it. Envision it. Make it real. Do it with passion and joy. Persevere. The world will fall into place for you.

My Life

In 2016 I decided that I was going to follow my dreams and become a novelist. I could and still do see myself as a well-known writer with books turned into movies and Netflix series. I dedicated myself to the craft of writing, joining groups, reading, attending seminars, writing and submitting my work to be critiqued by other writers, editors, agents and publishers. It was a daunting and sometimes humiliating task, but I never considered the negatives as obstacles. They were stepping stones to success. I never lost track of the vision, becoming a well-known writer with books turned into movies and Netflix series.

Reset was published on December 24, 2018. What a joyous moment a few days later when I opened that box and held my first book in my hands. First Steps, the prequel to Reset, came out in early September, and the joy was deep. My next book, Entwined, the sequel to Reset, will be launched on November 14, 2019. Freed is with my editor being worked on. The next sequel and another book, “Who Would Know” will be out next, probably in early 2020. I have so many more in my head or partially written in my computer. It is my passion and superpower, which is getting stronger as Sarah’s do through the stories.

Superpowers grow as we learn, study, practice and find greater joy in doing what we love. I am so pleased that my readers love my writing. Of course, I wish they would write it on Amazon as well as telling me, but it feels good to be touching people.

I can see the stories. I live within them. My editor asked me if I had a list of characters. I told her no. She asked how I kept them so perfectly in character? I said, “they’re my friends. I know them. I live with them every day. They tell the story. They guide the stories. I can feel how they’d talk, react and move. They’re as real to me as you are.”

I can see my unwritten books in print in my mind. I know what the covers should look like. I know this is possible, and I know I can make this happen, and that by doing this, I will achieve joy, happiness and financial success.

When you set your mind to something about which you are passionate, and apply your superpowers to it, you can be like Sarah, run with the grace and speed of a sleek Arabian Horse, heal yourself as she does with her Indian Elephant spirit, exhibit the strength of a huge Black Bear, and move with the grace and courage of a huge Bengal Tiger. Find your superpowers and enjoy the heck out of using them.

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