Think Positive!

Your brain is just a complicated computer. Your soul, your spirit, your heart of hearts, is connected to the universe of spirits. They do not speak English. So, when you say something negative like, “I’m broke” your brain and the universe of spirits who love you are certain that your objective is to stay or become broke, so it begins to guide you along that path. If you are negative, negativity will appear over and over in your world. The breaks just don’t go your way. Bad luck, we often call it.

If you are positive and say things in the positive, the universe and your brain try to see and figure out how to bring positive things into your life.

Your affirmations must be stated in the present tense and positive.  Whether you have money or not, say to yourself, “I am wealthy.” “I have many friends who love me.” “I have a job I love.” “I am a great writer.” Whatever.

You can’t say, “I want to be wealthy.” Because then you will always be in a state of “wanting” to be, but never actually becoming, wealthy. You can’t say, “I want to stop being poor.” The universe and your brain only understand “Poor” so they conspire to help you become poor. Use the present tense and be positive.

Now change your outlook and change your world!

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