Becoming Free

Everyone has an opinion about how YOU should live your life. NONE OF THEM KNOWS SQUAT! Ned Lips

Becoming Free

The rain picked up, and Tom spoke, his words resonating deep within her, as though mixed with Asha and her mother somehow. ‘Let this rain wash all of that hatred, fear and guilt away. Let it wash away everything from that past life except you and your girls and how they are right now. Feel it wash you clean and new and free in a new world.’

She felt Asha smile. It was like a Sandhyopasana ritual that her guru had taught her, a sort of Hindu baptism for purification. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, drinking the rain. She let the rain wash over her, down her body and off onto the ground as she controlled her breath and silently recited the Gayatri. She felt the evil darkness flow out of her, mixing with the rain, sinking into the ground. She settled into a low meditative state and let the rain carry away her sins, failures, mistakes and terrors from her previous life. She could feel the water take the Storm’s dark side from her soul, pulling it into the earth below.”

Your demons, your fears, your history, they are all yours. Only you can let them go. They’re in your past. They cannot be undone, but they need not move forward with you into your future. Leave them behind. Whatever ritual or process works for you, you must free yourself of your past and strengthen yourself against those who mean well but do not understand and from those who mean you harm. Your future to joy depends on it.

My Life

Everyone knew what was best for me. Counselors, friends, parents, grandparents, employers, etc. They all meant well. They all applied the conventional rules of life. What are you at least reasonably good at? How can you make some money doing something like that? Never, what do you love to do? I wrote my first unpublished book in the 1980s. I have reams of handwritten stories and poems from college. My girlfriends seemed to like them. I didn’t share with anyone else, but I never stopped writing. I’m not sure what I should have been, but I realized in 2016 what I wanted in my heart of hearts to be.

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