It's never too late to Reset your Life


Dedicated to my patient wife, Barbara, and my two wonderful daughters, Jessica and Christine

Dedicated patient wife Barbara

Ned Lips

About the Author 

I live by one simple credo, “Do what you know in your heart is the right thing to do.” I’ve tried to be that person my entire life. I’ve failed a lot, probably because I’ve always tried to care more for others than I did myself. That’s who I am.

I’ve been many things in my life. Insurance salesman, attorney, Entrepreneur, CEO, VP Sales, grad school professor, Director of Though Leadership, seller of grocery stores and head of commercial real estate. I’ve been an entrepreneur, investor and a consultant. I’ve been let go, fired, forced to sell my company, been divorced twice and done a million dumb things. I’ve been rich and filed bankruptcy, but I’ve never thought of myself as a failure, for some strange reason.

I’ve finally found the right woman, Barbara, who loves and supports me, despite my faults and failures. I am deeply proud of my two amazing successful and powerful daughters, both of whom who are getting married soon. That is very exciting.

Through it all I’ve found solace in writing stories, poems and opinion articles. I’ve been a contributor to the e-zine, The Moderate Voice for many years and have a box of hand-written stuff in my basement I should look through sometime.

My passion, however, is writing fiction.

In 2016, I had the opportunity to begin a serious writing career and now I am a full-time professional novelist with several professionally edited and designed, self-published books. I did my homework. I joined The St. Louis Writer’s MeetUp, the St. Louis Writer’s Guild and the St. Louis Publishing Association. I was a member of a critique group, hired editors and assuaged readers to give me their thoughts on my work. A LOT of criticism, but I persevered.

I joined on-line forums and read a great deal about how to become a successful, professional author. I’ve met publishers, agents and others in the industry, and learned, the hard way in some cases, how to do what I do.

I’m not an expert, but readers like my books, which makes me very happy. My audience is growing and I’d love for you to become a part of it.