As my two successful and independent adult daughters grew up, we surrounded them with female role models, doctors, dentists, business leaders, coaches. But they had few superheroines to root for. I’m thrilled that Wonder Woman and Black Widow have begun to change that.

By Ned Lips

I wanted to create a book that women of all ages would find compelling and uplifting. Heroines, both gifted with special powers, and “ordinary” but strong. I hope you enjoy it.

About Ned

Ned Lips discovered that his first book, Reset, was a metaphor for how we all go through resetting our lives. Since learning the lessons from his own book, he has put aside nearly all other activities and has reset his life to follow his deepest passion, writing stories. He writes a blog on how he’s reset his life and tries to impart the wisdom learned in his nearly 60 years of successes and failures, largely following the paths others had set for him, and how he’s reset his life to exploit his own superpowers. 

Ned is a father. In his past lives, he’s been a serial entrepreneur, an attorney and a host of other things. His wife, Barbara, always points out that Ned transforms every job into the one he really wants to do, no matter the job description. Its been an interesting journey. 

Reset was Ned’s first published novel, the first in a series. As an entrepreneur, he determined that self-publication made the most sense. First Steps is the prequel to the series, setting up the traumatic life from which Sarah emerged and the strength she developed in overcoming that life 

Ned has written for decades, including poetry, short stories, magazine articles and several books in various stages of completion. Ned was a columnist with The Moderate Voice, an e-zine, and has ghostwritten more than 25 articles for well-known experts in their fields. Ned has been involved with several not-for-profits and continues to dedicate time to helping others. He’s been married to Barbara for over 12 years and has two wonderful daughters making their own names in the world.  

Visit for Ned’s blog, updates on the Reset series and more! 

Reset will take you into a strange new world where the unimaginable has occurred and very few have the skills needed to survive. In this exciting story, you will be pulled along while you encounter one woman who emerges from fear to utter fearlessness as she encounters and conquers the essential conflicts of the human condition. This page-turning novel will allow you to enter into the lives of Sarah and other strong women, along with supportive and competent men, as they forge a new community into a family where cooperation rather than competition will be necessary in order to survive.
Julie Martin, Owner
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