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Dedicated to my patient wife, Barbara, and my two wonderful daughters, Jessica and Christine

Dedicated patient wife Barbara

Ned Lips

About the Author 

Ned Lips believes that it is never too late or too difficult to Reset Your Life. His mantra is simple, “Do what you know in your heart of hearts is right for YOU, every minute of every day, and you will find your path to joy.” If you do this, you will find your passions, develop your own superpowers and find joy that will guide you through the rest of your life. You always know what is the right thing for you to do, but the most difficult step is doing what you know is right for you in the face of the “shoulds,” the rules, expectations, paths, goals and dreams that others have for you or want you to follow. No one knows your soul, but you. No one knows your path, but you. 

Rather than writing boring self-help books, Ned writes stories that depict the process, the hurdles and the steps along the journey, hoping to inspire each of us to fight your battles toward finding your harmony and joy. Ned is the author of ResetFirst Steps, the Reset Series prequel, and Entwined, the first sequel in the Reset Series (coming November 14, 2019)  

First Steps is Sarah’s journey out of an abusive marriage. The first steps in Resetting Your Life are to climb your way out of the hole you find yourself in. When you get to the edge, you will know the way. “I felt Sarah’s pain from every angle, as a woman, as a mother and as a family member, trying to balance her career. I couldn’t put it down” Karen Tabrizi. 

In Reset, Sarah becomes a superheroine in a world ideally suited to her, one in which everything man-made has been removed from the face of the earth by a powerful living Storm. To find your joy, you will face storms and battles as those around you try to keep you from becoming one with your superpowers. A riveting tale that draws you in . . . and never let’s go! Told with beautiful world-building detail, [it’s] the perfect choice for your book club.” Cherie L. PostillAuthor, Book Coach, Presenter 

In Entwined, Sarah takes her next steps, learning to release herself fully to her lover, her new friends and sisters, her Family and to the world of nature that surrounds them, while dealing with her long-time arch enemy. 

Ned is a life-long writer, who has many stories waiting for him to polish for publication. Freed, a story unrelated to Reset, will be published in early 2020 with many more to come.  

In his blog and video-podcast, Ned shares his philosophy on life. Entitled Resetting Your Life, he delivers life-lessons from his nearly 60-years on this planet. His YouTube channel, Resetting Your Life, is found at His blog can be found at his website, 

Ned is a dedicated husband to Barbara and father to two wonderfully successful daughters. He’s been a columnist with The Moderate Voice, an e-zine, and has ghostwritten more than 25 articles for well-known experts in their fields. As his wife introduces him“He’s a recovering attorney, entrepreneur and real estate investor, who is now dedicated to becoming the next great author. 


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