The Electoral College Game – Crowning the Winner

The Presidential election is NOT normal. It is a game, with rules, played on a big board that is the United States and it is about winning points on that Board. It is not about winning the national popular vote, and I know it’s weird, but it’s the law and that will NOT change.

If the candidates want to win, and they know this as well as anyone, they know they have to play the game. In this game, as is the case in many games, most of the spaces on the Board are already decided and therefor are simply irrelevant. They are going to go one way or the other, just as they have for a long time.

IGNORE national polls. They DO NOT matter, and are, quite frankly, harmful.

If you live in or near Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, or Wisconsin, get out and do whatever you can to promote your candidate, get more of your party to register to vote, get any IDs they need, and then vote any way they can, as early and as often as permitted.

If the Dems swing the three northern States, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, which they lost by ridiculously tiny margins in 2016, THEY WILL WIN no matter what happens in Ohio and Florida, so both parties must show up in these states.

If you’re a Democrat who lives in Illinois, don’t campaign there. It may feel good, but it’s a waste of time. You’ve already won. Drive up to Wisconsin, or over to Iowa or Michigan, and work there to build support. If you live in Maryland, New Jersey or New York, get into Pennsylvania and do whatever you can to help the Democrats win there. Register voters. Help with mail-in ballots. Drive people to the polls. Take advantage of early voting.

If you’re a Republican in Indiana or Kentucky, do the same. You’re going to win your State.

Do not ignore other kinda close States like Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio, Nevada, North Carolina and Arizona. Get busy in the split-vote States of Nebraska and Maine, just in case.

I hate polls. First, what is the point? It’s like a halftime score, both teams still have to play the second half. Unless your betting and need to know the line, odds or point spread, who cares who’s winning among those someone spoke with weeks before the election. Will it change how YOU vote? Will it change how YOU or anyone campaigns?

Does it make you feel better? It better NOT! That’s what killed Hilary in the three northern states. Voters believed the polls and thought showing up was a waste of time.

This could happen to either party. How would the Republicans feel if they lost Texas because they were so sure they’d win that voters decided not to bother.

Second, they are all over the place and have huge margins for error, at least 4%, which eats up most leads in any tight State.

So, despite my misgivings, what’s going on right now in the latest polls? Ignore National Polls.!

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