The Electoral College Game – The Decided States

So, the Dems are up 120 to 97 in Electoral College votes with Florida’s 29 still up for grabs. By this time, the Dems are well ahead in the popular vote having gained tens of thousands of votes in California and New York, while the Republicans have gotten their popular vote windfall from only Texas, BUT, no one cares.

The rest of the States, 24 of them, representing 273 Electoral College votes, are still in play, or are they?

Most are not. Most are already accounted for and will vote one way or the other before we even start the game.

The 7 that will go to the Democrats are:

Connecticut (7), Illinois (20), Maryland (10), Massachusetts (11), New Jersey (14) Oregon (7) and Washington (12).

So that’s 82 votes locked up for the Democrats before the opening whistle.

Similarly, these 8 will go to the Republicans, and no one can do a thing to change that:

Alabama (9), Indiana (11), Kentucky (8), Louisiana (8), Missouri (10), Oklahoma (7), South Carolina (9) and Tennessee (11).

That’s 73 for the Republicans, a 8-point advantage for the Democrats.

That increases the Dems lead to 201 to 170, or 31 points. That leaves 10 States, or spaces on our Board, up for grabs, sort of.

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