Ned Lips - Author

I live by one simple credo, “Do what you know in your heart is the right thing to do.” I’ve tried to be that person my entire life. I’ve failed a lot, probably because I’ve always tried to care more for others than I did myself. That’s who I am.​


Welcome to her realm…
Do you know someone labeled as disabled who you sense perceives the world differently, brings joy instinctively, connects without speaking, loves without knowing? I do.
Lauretta is considered disabled by many in the world of ordinary people, but every day she cleans the negative emotions from those around her, usually without their knowledge, making them instantly happy. Bolstered by her mother’s confidence, Lauretta has outstripped all expectations, thriving in an environment where her abilities are uniquely valued. But when a mysterious man comes to her in a vision, pleading for her help, will she be dragged into an evil she cannot vanquish?
Aided by Mommy and her otherworldly best friend, Lauretta is determined to save Joseph, the man from her vision, and clean the horrid negativity threatening her world. Trapped in his own house, tethered by love and fear to his vengeful father, Joseph reveals others may also be trapped in his father’s spiritual realm. Only serene Lauretta, with her unique gifts, has the chance to free them.
Will Lauretta’s newfound abilities, Mommy’s love and her best friend’s special help be enough to save those trapped and stop Joseph’s powerful father from wreaking terror in their realm?
Ten percent (10%) of the profits from the sale of Lauretta will be donated to the Disabled Athlete Sports Association (DASA) on behalf of the real Lauretta.

RESET Book One of the Reset Series

What would you do if everything man-made disappeared?
Naked and alone, could you find your loved ones and start over?
Vulnerable after escaping a violent marriage, Sarah is wracked with fear, anger and guilt. She finds solace in the spirits of the universe. Under deep meditation, Sarah battles a mysterious living Storm and her own past demons. With the help of her guru’s spirits, Sarah escapes the Storm, but it leaves behind a new world, seizing everything man-made from the planet, releasing nature to transform the earth and bestowing Sarah with unique but dangerous strengths.

FIRST STEPS A Prequel to the RESET Series

Have you ever lied to yourself about your life? Do you have secrets you’ve hidden away—secrets that would destroy the house of cards you’ve built?
Seduced into living the life her husband has built for her. Enwrapped in a family that is not hers. Stuck in a marriage that is literally killing her. Orphaned and broke, Sarah feels trapped in someone else’s life.
“She flexed her right hand, the hand that had driven a straight punch into her husband, sending him crashing onto their glass coffee table. She’d finally hit Robert back. . . . ‘It was time, Sarah,’ she said aloud to herself. ‘It is the right time.’ She wasn’t sure she’d convinced herself, but she knew she’d had enough. Bruises, broken bones, excuses and stories to protect him and their family.“He’d come home drunk again, angry and looking for blood. Her blood.”
No one to turn to, no plan for escape, and next time, he’ll kill her.

ENTWINED Book Two of the RESET Series

Is your past entwined with your present? Can you break free of negative relationships to trust new loves?
“Daffodil said, ‘Love heals all. [Tom] loves you deeply. Love him as deeply, for you now know that you have it in you to do so.’
“Sarah thought about this. Had she really released herself to totally and completely love Tom, or did she only accept his unquestioning love for her? She looked at Daffodil, as ethereal here as she was in real life. ‘I’ll try.’”
Haunted by the last man Sarah was sure she’d loved, who’d brutally beaten her and has since invaded her mind to its core, can Sarah free herself to love Tom fully? Can she trust him? What if she loves him and then, like Robert, he turns on her? Is he her next Robert? He’s done nothing but love and support her. But isn’t Tom, and her feelings for him, a liability as she strives to protect and lead the Family in this strange world of beauty and terror? As Sarah wrestles with her personal doubts and fears, external threats, challenges, enemies, new friends and mystical powers abound as the Family moves forward in a Reset world.

PARASITE Book Three of the RESET Series

Could you battle your best friend if, because of you, she’s trying to destroy you?
What if it meant protecting your family?
Robert is gone for good, the wolves are free, Jazz returns safely from the deadly snakes, and Sarah releases herself to love Tom completely, but all is not well.
The intelligent wolves are not allies as hoped. They’re intent on creating an empire that threatens the Family’s survival. Can they share the grasslands, or will there be war?  Something’s wrong with Erika—at times Sarah’s dearest friend, and at others, her most fearsome enemy.  
An ominous Glow rises in the Dead Zone that makes Erika crazy. Why has it appeared? Sarah must love and trust her entire Family to have any chance at saving Erika and defeating the deadliest menace the world has ever known.

FREED A Stand Alone Novel by Ned Lips

A three-dimensional love story caught in the past, the present and the spiritual realm
Many of us wear masks, personas that we hide behind to avoid the risks of deep personal relationships. Dr. James Randolph, as a physicist, avoided understanding the spiritual world so important to his loving wife, Debra, until it was too late. Since her death, he is determined to live as a despondent, reclusive widower to avoid exposing himself to life without her.
Candy has played a part for as long as she can remember. Hiding behind her professional mask is the only way she knows to survive. She has no idea what it means to be who she really is or what it means to love or be loved.
Forced by his family and mysterious visions on a solo trip to Las Vegas, Dr. Randolph meets Candy and, aided by a loving spirit, is able to find the souls behind the masks, as he embarks on an unexpected journey to free the two women most important to him.
Love is infinite. What would you do to free the ones you love?